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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Astute Observation of John Yob and Stu Sandler

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Fri Sep 27, 2013 at 02:48:29 PM EST
    Tags: John Yob, One Term Nerd, Strategic National, Snydercaid, The Flim-Flam Man, Stu Sandler - Decider Strategies, Rube Goldberg, Straw Polls, Bandwagoning, Establishment Program, MRLC, Chattering Class, Pale Pastel, Nancy Boys, MIaGOP, Country Club Republicans, Bobby ShowStak, Saul Anuzis, Lickspittle Lackeys, PPACA enablers, Tax hiking, Progressives, Big Government, Snyder, BIGGER Spending, Crony Capitalism, Slick Rick, 2014, Oaths, Constitution, TEA Partier, Principled, Conservative, Fearless (all tags)

    I've always held a fondness for Republican Michigander.  Decent young man.  Believes in what he does.  I respect that.  Do we always see eye-to-eye?  Hell no.  That's OK.  It'd be boring otherwise.  What's all the lead in about, CS?  Glad you ask.  I just took a yonder over to Dan's blog, and dammit, principle prevails from Dan, again.

    Full disclosure. I'm not a tea party guy. I'm not an anti tea party guy. Sometimes I agree with various tea party individuals and sometimes I am in opposition. I want to make that clear.

    The straw poll was out and there was two races there listed. Lt Gov and President 2016. It is way early at this point and I haven't made up my mind. In that straw poll I voted for Mike Pence and Wes Nakagiri. I voted for Wes because of the gamesmanship from the "friends of the program." If you've seen the James Caan college football movie "The Program" you would understand the reference. It's where shady activities are involved by those close to but not directly related to the program. Some shady tactics were going on right before Mackinac related to "anti-Wes" activity and I wasn't happy about it. I know Wes being from the same county as he is. Those fake emails weren't his work. I don't know Brian Calley personally, although I've met him and he seems like a nice guy and I've heard that from others.

    My vote for LG, like any other office will be determined by who helps the ticket the best. To me, that means the hardest worker for the campaign will get my vote. LG is about three things. 1. Getting the gubernatorial nominee elected. 2. Tie-breaking vote in the senate. 3. Ability to be governor if sometime happens to the governor (not applicable since the disaster Bill Milliken took over for George Romney after he took a cabinet post).

    I don't want to see BS gamesmanship here. I don't care which side it comes from. I want to see candidates campaign and make their case. No more Romney primary tricks, nor Paul Scott 2010 Sec of State tricks.

    That's a fair shake on the BS Rube Goldberg straw poll.  Good assessment, Dan.  The chattering class handling the incumbents are scrambling.  Circle them wagons, boys - the taxpayers are awakening!  Look, it's no secret to anyone that Brian Calley is the biggest joke in town if trying to paint him as a Conservative voice on the "Nerdy Ticket" to bigger government and higher taxes.  C'mon folks, a contrived straw poll from this jagoff?  AYFKM?  Besides, even the late Ray Charles could see Strat Nat pulling strings from behind the curtain.  Tacky.

    Yessirree.  It is said that bullsh!t sells but, who's buying it anymore?  Not I.  Good luck with that, Nerdy ticket...

    < Fridays Divertere: Seeing and Listening | State Representative Announcement - Phil Stinchcomb >

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    Referencing two emails (none / 0) (#1)
    by Republican Michigander on Fri Sep 27, 2013 at 03:37:31 PM EST
    The shenanigans I saw was in reference to two emails received by some individual/group that called themselves "Friends of Wes" They had BS addresses on their emails and obviously (to me) did not come from Wes as it wasn't his campaign style.

    Those emails were done to make Wes look bad and unhinged. That late phone call and shutting down of the event looked suspicious as well.  

    A few thoughts . . . (none / 0) (#2)
    by Kevin Rex Heine on Sat Sep 28, 2013 at 12:40:26 AM EST
    . . . on this:

    • I'm more than a little amused that the attack-by-surrogate / attack-by-sock-puppet mudslinging is already starting.  I've been a delegate to every single MIGOP state convention since the Winter 2009 event, and I can't recall the shenanigans ever starting this early (11 months out . . . seriously).  Somebody's a lot more nervous than they're letting on publicly.  (And they're not shy about admitting that they view Calley as vulnerable, though they never discuss degree of vulnerability.)

    • I've had cause to chat with several tea party leaders this past month (including a few that I don't normally talk to).  More than one of them recalled to me watching the "nerd herd" systematically buy up blocs of tables not only at the 2009 Mackinac Conference, but at every Lincoln Dinner and Reagan Cookout between then and the 2010 primary election.  Of course, the tables would then be filled by college kids and other operatives -- openly if subtly sporting "Rick Michigan" campaign colors -- who were paid to participate participated in the straw polls that were invariably conducted, with predictable results.  Of course, the drive-by media would dutifully report that yet another republican straw poll had been won by the "One Tough Nerd," cumulatively creating the impression that Mr. 36% had more party base support than was actually so.

    • Now keep in mind that the political scoundrel who was running the pay-to-play straw poll is one of the same clowns who was publicly attacking the iCaucus Michigan survey as being unreliable and irrelevant.  As though a thinly-disguised card check operation, that required the participants to pony up a One Benjamin poll tax to the party's coffers in order to register their opinion, should be viewed as being thoroughly aboveboard.  Evidently, rank hypocrisy is the current modus operandi of the state party's consulting class network.  Bob King could learn a thing or two from Mr. Sandler.

    Combined with the 2-1/2 pages of memory jogger bullet points that I jotted down over Sunday breakfast last weekend, I'm starting to pull together one helluva intel briefing.

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