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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    It's a little too late.

    By KG One, Section News
    Posted on Sun Jan 05, 2014 at 02:15:00 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan Income Tax Hike, Michigan Pension Tax, Surprise surprise surprise, Michigan Budget Surplus, That's been going on for how many years now?, Why hasn't it been returned to the people who actually created that wealth in the first place?, And who do we have to thank for this?, Gov. Rick Snyder, Sen. Randy Richardville, Rep. Jase Bolger, Is there some hope from, Rep. Jeff Farrington, or, Sen. Jack Brandenburg, And what happens when government has more money than it needs?, It finds new "necessary" things to spend it on, Rep. McMillin I'm surprised that you aren't mentioned here, "Tax Me More" (all tags)

    "It's a ltttle too little."
    "It's a little too late."
    "I'm a little too hurt."
    "And there's nothin' left that I've gotta say."
    "You can cry to me baby."
    "But there's only so much I can take."
    "Ah, it's a little too little."
    "It's a little too late."

    Unlike Pat Benetar, I still have something to say.

    So who is not-so subtle reminder for?

    It shouldn't be very surprising when you read below the fold.

    {Click below to read more}

    Catching up on current events here in Michigan, including with a few of my snitches who thought that I had fallen off of the face of the planet over the past month, I had gotten a laugh at the "problem" facing Michigan republicans this year.

    Yes, this is sarcasm, people.

    Lansing is looking at another...da-da-da-daaaaahhhhh: Budget surplus.

    This time to the tune of about $1.3-billion.

    These surpluses have been going on now for what? Three years straight?

    But unlike past years when republicans would simply shrug, act stupid, drink Gov. Snyder's Kool Aid (again), this year is a little bit different.

    It's an election year.

    Acting tone deaf isn't an option.

    Michigan's economy is still in the tank. Promised job growth isn't exactly materializing as promised. Conservatives aren't exactly getting a tingle up their leg with a governor who supported Obamacare, Common Core, Illegal Aliens, multiple tax increases and a laundry list of issues he's gone off the reservation on. Labor is chomping at the bit for payback for Freedom to Work. They would also want to put the kibosh on Public Act 436 (the EM law). Their bought and paid for political party already has their marching orders to follow the same drummer in '14 with no exceptions being tolerated, period.

    Bottom line: There is a growing number of people who don't care too much for Gov. Snyder or anyone with a "-r(ino)" after their name on the ballot.

    Sadly things aren't looking any different on the offset here (again).

    Even though their own stated party philosophy clearly indicates the proper course of action here: Repeal and reduction of all recently enacted taxes and tax hikes. Michigan republicans are still acting like they just walked out of a Colorado hat shop.

    Quoted in today's Detroit News, Speaker Jase Bolger had this to say regarding the matter;

    "The first place I look when I hear the word surplus is returning it to taxpayers," he said in a Thursday interview. Bolger said no tax plan has been finalized and he's open to various options, but reducing the income tax is "certainly something I can support."

    And you couldn't do this last year, the year before that and the year before that because...

    Sen.  Randy Richardville's comments were equally disturbing;

    "It's definitely time to consider a similar type of giveback."

    How generous of you Sen. Richardville to "consider" returning what is rightfully ours to begin with.

    And what of the Governor himself?

    According to his spokeswoman;

    "...He will wait until after the revenue-estimating meeting to talk specifics about any potential tax cut. She added that he's "always open to and looking for ways that could best help Michiganders" while staying fiscally responsible."

    The word on the street that I've gotten is that those preliminary numbers are looking pretty darn good. Aside from snidely mocking the people he purportedly represents, who better to determine the best way to spend the money that they originally earned in the first place than Michigan Taxpayers themselves?

    I'd like to buy a new truck. Make some home improvements. Put away some money for future needs.

    So, will they take a bold stand and act like a leader for a change. Make a stark contrast between conservatives and democrats (especially after the financial hit Michigan Taxpayers took from the Obamacare debacle).

    Unfortunately, I don't see any semblance of leadership coming from any of those three.
    So does this mean that all is lost and a democratic landslide in November is assured?


    Two legislators are already talking about doing the right thing.

    Rep. Jeff Farrington of Utica is being somewhat wishy-washy, but is signaling that he'd be open to doing something "significant" and lasting, "not some gimmick."

    Hmmmmm, how about this Rep. Farrington; Dropping the Michigan Income Tax to 3.9% effective immediately and putting a supermajority vote on any future increases. Tax cuts could still be made by simple majority vote.

    Sen. Jack Brandenburg is a little closer to the mark with his comments.

    When speaking about the Faustian bargain made between republicans and Gov. Granholm, he said;

     "That was a promise we made to people in `07. I think that promise should be honored."

    At least he is specifically proposing reducing the income tax back to 3.9%. Although his plan will be phased in over four years, instead of being an automatic cut. It's a step in the right direction.

    At this point there are republicans who are reaching for a fresh Depends, after soiling the one they are already wearing.

    We can't "give back" that money! We need that to buy votes, er I mean "invest" in Michigan's infrastructure and other "necessary" public improvements.

    Roads and bridges.

    Aren't they in terrible shape?

    Yes, that's right! We need that money for roads and bridges.

    Sorry Michigan Taxpayers, perhaps next year.

    Not only is that argument bunk, but the democrats are already looking to bribe voters with the money earned by others.

    They are already talking about not only repealing those taxes I specifically mentioned above when elected, but doling out more even government goodies in a naked attempt to purchase votes.

    And where do you think that they'll get that money from?

    "But people want to pay for the "necessary" services that government provides", is another argument in their toolbox.

    Democrats will also argue that there are those who SHOULD pay more in taxes.

    I'll tell you what, let's put that to the test.

    I've used this argument before, tongue-in-cheek, on liberals, but I've always gotten the same response when I've called them on it.

    If they think that people not only want to, but are willing to pay more in taxes...let them.

    Implement a program so that people who feel that they aren't paying enough can simple open up their checkbook and write any amount they can afford to the level of government of their choosing.

    "Tax Me More" funds have been wildly successful everywhere it has been tried with phenomenal success (in crushing this pitiful argument).

    I, myself (and I'll go out and bet that there are more than a few others), are more than capable of determining how to best spend what I've (/we've) earned.

    If anyone who fancies themselves as a conservative wants to keep their job (or run for another office if termed out), now is a good time to start acting on what you claim to believe in.

    Or, you can just throw your hands up right now, get on your knees and surrender to the democrats lining up to run against your seat.

    They will be more than happy to cut the taxes that you are afraid to touch.

    The voters will be paying attention in November.

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