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    Tag: Gretchen Whitmer

    Professor Thomas Pedroni, Wayne State University

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Fri Sep 13, 2013 at 11:20:37 AM EST
    Tags: Lenin: must exploit youth to advance Communism, Rod Rock, Clarkston Community Schools, Thomas Pedroni, WSU, William Penn, MSU, Race Warlords & Poverty Pimps, Gretchen Whitmer, Mark Schauer, Serri Gay-Dagnogo, AFL-CIO, Political Correctness, New Left, Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, Abortions on Demand, Sandra Fluke (does it really rhyme with f*@k?), SLUT, Democrats War on Wisdom, Perverts, Frank Kameny, Alan Gilmour, Homosexuals, Communist Party USA, Dan Savage, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders (DSM-II), Lobbyists, Amoral, Log Cabins, Lennox, Inkerbell, rdww, Drolet, Ronulans, Dumb Things Youngsters Do, academia, University aristocracy, Melissa Harris-Perry, Children of the Borg, Teaching for Change, Bill Ayers, Destroying All Institutions, Governments Greatest Creation, The Sheeple, A Republic if you can keep it, Jeb Bush, Progressives, Governor Snyder, Common Core, One Term Nerd (all tags)

    This campus commie is a piker in comparison.

    They have hold of your child's mind seven hours a day...

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote in The Communist Manifesto of their plan for the "abolition of the family," to "replace home education by social" or public schools, and to replace monogamy with "an openly legalized community of women" (sharing women in common).

    Entire article HERE

    Home school

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    MDP: No 2010 Repeat of Angry Virg(ina)

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 03:00:23 PM EST
    Tags: Gretchen Whitmer, It's for the child units, Daniel Mulhern punked, Angry Virg Bernero, David Leyton, Progressives, Mark Schauer?, Gary Peters?, John Austin?, Mark Brewer: the Rights best ally (all tags)

    Well, sorta kinda... via The Detroit News

    Michigan Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer announced Wednesday she will not run for governor in 2014, citing the needs of her young daughters.

    "I've said all along that I wouldn't be making this decision alone, but rather would be doing it along with my family, and in particular, what's best for my two girls," Whitmer said in a statement. "They're 9 and 10 years old now, and without question, being their mom is the single most important thing in the world to me."

    What about that second chance First Gentleman option?  I thought gender role-reversal is a Progressives other model of success aside from abortion.  Comrade Mulhern, must be so disappointed in Whitmer's attitude regarding child units.  But wait, there's more!

    Whitmer has not ruled out running for attorney general in 2014 against incumbent Republican Bill Schuette, spokesman Bob McCann said.

    Now, where have I read that old canard before?  Oh ya!  It was in this David Leyton's get to back of the bus footnote on Gretchen's fading political career.

    Keep the humor coming, Brewer.

    Comments >>

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Tossing Integrity and Credibility out the Window . . . Again

    By Kevin Rex Heine, Section News
    Posted on Tue Jul 24, 2012 at 05:45:30 PM EST
    Tags: 76th State House District, State Representative Roy Schmidt, House Speaker Jase Bolger, Matt Mojzak, Michigan Republican Party, Bobby Schostak, Michigan Democrat Party, Mark Brewer, Gretchen Whitmer, integrity argument, backroom shenanigans, Kent County Democrat Party, Jim Rinck, Kent County Republican Party, Sam Moore, Bill Forsyth, Susan deSteiguer, Ruth Johnson, fraud, election integrity, Bill Schuette, #BolgerSchmidtFraud (all tags)

    From as far back as I can remember, up until the summer before my freshman year of high school, my paternal grandparents lived two houses down from the house where I grew up (and where my parents still live).  Having raised six children of their own, they were well-equipped to assist my mom and dad when such assistance was needed, including teaching object lessons to their grandchildren as necessary.

    One such lesson that I remember well occurred when I walked into my mom's kitchen complaining that my brothers' and sister's bedrooms were absolute pig stys.  Because my mom was busy (canning vegetables if I remember correctly), my gran-ma - who was assisting - offered to take a look.  Sure enough, standing there in the upstairs hall, she was looking right through a pair of already-open doors into bedrooms for which the description of "disorganized" would have been charitable.  However, it also occurred to her to open the door to my bedroom and see what might be seen.  While my bedroom was noticeably tidier, it was nowhere close to her exacting standards.

    This observation was followed by my grandmother fixing me with a no-nonsense look and saying rather sternly, "I should think, young man, that before you go complaining about someone else's room, you ought to first make sure yours is clean."  Point made; lesson learned; end of conversation.

    And now, to apply that lesson, we should grab some coffee and duck below the fold.

    (5 comments, 1647 words in story) Full Story

    MEA Proves Need For Freedom To Work - A Lesson

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jul 08, 2011 at 09:36:33 AM EST
    Tags: Class is in session, MIGOP, FTW, Gretchen Whitmer, Randy Richardville, FORCED UNIONIZATION, Right-To-Work, Michigan, MEA, Labor, Republicans, Math, Science, Reading, writing, Snyder, RTW (all tags)

    Class is in session.

    I know public teachers who are Republican.  Quite a few in fact.

    So what, right?

    The point should not be lost that in any organization, there are political preferences that vary.  In any work environment, there are ideas that are different, and in the teaching environment, contrary to the wishes of progressives who would wish to program each generation of children with all manner of degenerate reasoning and backward analytical skills, there are conservative REPUBLICANS who simply wish to work , and teach and fill the minds of those children with what schools are for.

    Math, Science, Reading, and writing.  And maybe a little competition training through sports and debate.

    Unfortunately, those things, that are not enough for the progressive activities of the teachers unions, specifically the MEA, take a back seat to the unproductive pursuits of political goals by over zealous leftist activists within those unions.  The MEA and others like it, utilizing dues forced from Republicans within their membership work counter to the wishes of those members.

    And no further evidence of this is needed than what has been presented recently by the Michigan Republican Party


    (23 comments, 882 words in story) Full Story

    Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

    By The Wizard of Laws, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 08:38:31 AM EST
    Tags: attorney general, beans, Emerald City, Frank Drebin, Gretchen Whitmer, hill (all tags)

    Cross-posted in The Wizard of Laws.

    For some time now, your Wizard has been on a hazardous and technically unexplainable journey into the outer stratosphere to confer, converse, and otherwise hobknob with my brother wizards. Having returned now to the sanctuary of the Emerald City, I was pleased to see that my analyses of the Gretchen Whitmer candidacy for Attorney General have done the trick:

    State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, considered the favorite to win the Democratic nomination for attorney general, said today she will withdraw from the running to spend more time with her two young daughters.
    You can read the Freep's article here.

    As for your Wizard's role in this sudden about-face, see the articles here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

    I know what you're thinking -- you're thinking that the posts of a solitary blogger don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. To quote the noted philosopher Frank Drebin, however, "This is our hill, and these are our beans."

    So long, Gretchen, we hardly knew ye.

    (4 comments) Comments >>

    A Serious Answer to a Rhetorical Question

    By Rougman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Oct 29, 2009 at 06:49:03 AM EST
    Tags: Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan, budget, education (all tags)

    cross posted at a bewildered Rougblog

    It is pretty easy to figure out the purpose behind the cosmetic lather that Sen. Gretchen Whitmer is raising as she pits the big salaries of legislators against the educational survival of defenseless little school children. All interesting fights need a villain, and in this fight Whitmer has determined that the legislators are the villains, especially the villainous Republican kind. If mean Republicans do not pass taxes to fill the school aid gap, the children will suffer!

    In recent years, as we all know, education funding levels have been uncertain as they overwhelmingly rely on now steadily declining tax receipts. With Michigan's economy contracting faster than an eight chinned Jerrold Nadler, the shell game of the state lottery does not even come close to filling in the gap, and pennies from Washington rarely match the mandates heaped on districts.

    So, what is the relative earning status of the people whom Whitmer is ultimately (though inadvertently) pitting against one another?

    (11 comments, 1013 words in story) Full Story

    Saving Her Energy?

    By The Wizard of Laws, Section News
    Posted on Tue Oct 27, 2009 at 10:16:21 AM EST
    Tags: attorney general, bill, epic fail, Gretchen Whitmer, law, legislature (all tags)

    Cross-posted in The Wizard of Laws

    When Richard Nixon ran for President in 1968 after six years out of public life and living in California, a popular slogan described him as "The New Nixon: Tanned, Rested, and Ready."

    State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer (D-East Lansing) announced recently that she was running for Michigan attorney general. I can't comment on her tan or her readiness, but after eight years of doing nothing in the legislature, she should certainly be well-rested.

    Using the state's legislature website, I searched records going back to 2001, Whitmer's first year in the House. I examined every bill for which she was the primary sponsor. In the House and Senate to date, Whitmer has sponsored 128 bills. Of these, a grand total of 3 made it to a vote, and 2 were passed. The third was defeated 81-22 in the House. She has not had a single bill make it to a vote since June 29, 2005.

    If you're keeping score at home, that's 2 passed bills out of 128 attempts, which is a .015 batting average, enough to make Hank Aguirre blush.

    (6 comments, 615 words in story) Full Story

    Politics and Puffery

    By The Wizard of Laws, Section Multimedia
    Posted on Tue Sep 15, 2009 at 10:14:40 AM EST
    Tags: attorney general, courts, experience, Gretchen Whitmer, litigator, puffery (all tags)

    Cross-posted in The Wizard of Laws

    We have all experienced puffery, although some may not be familiar with the term itself. "Puffery" is an exaggeration or statement that no reasonable person would take as factual. Typically occurring in advertising and sales, the fact that a statement is not believable means that you cannot sue someone for saying it. For example, "This is greatest car ever made" is puffery, and if you buy the car and discover it isn't the greatest car ever made, you cannot sue over it.

    The most common example of puffery besides sales is in resumes and job applications. There was an attorney who left our firm and, applying for other jobs, billed himself as experienced in ERISA transactions. Technically true, but the experience consisted of getting COBRA notices after being canned.

    Among resumes and job applications, the worst subset has to be political biographies. These magnify every kid with a lemonade stand into a "job-creating small business owner" and anyone who flips off a light switch into a "green energy activist."

    With the 2010 election season beginning to form like a high pressure system over the Rockies, we're going to hear a lot of biographical puffery from candidates.

    Gretchen Whitmer? No exception.

    (1 comment, 736 words in story) Full Story

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