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    Tag: MDP

    Mondays Divertere: Affirmative Action for Basketball

    By Corinthian Scales, Section Multimedia
    Posted on Mon Apr 15, 2013 at 11:46:12 AM EST
    Tags: Governments Greatest Creation, The Sheeple, Student debt, Democrats War on Wisdom, They Laugh at Themselves For Being Morons?, Lennox, Amoral, Dumb Things Youngsters Do, NEA, MEA, DNC, Communist Party USA, MDP, Obamacare, academia, John Dewey, University aristocracy, Melissa Harris-Perry, Teaching for Change, Bill Ayers, Cultural Marxism, FDR, LBJ, Great Society, Progressives, GoPC, Pale Pastel, A Republic if you can keep it (all tags)

    Meet America's campus lizard youth when confronted with their first cognitive challenge.

    Epic fail.  Then again, it should not come as much of a surprise.. they're programmed to fail from K-12.

    H/t Moonbattery

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    Low Information Voter Irony

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Mon Mar 04, 2013 at 07:57:09 AM EST
    Tags: It's a Big F#@%ing Deal, Governments Greatest Creation, The Sheeple, They Laugh at Themselves For Being Morons?, gun CONTROL, NEA, MEA, DNC, MDP, Michigan Democratic Party voters = Useful Idiots (all tags)

    Just happened to be perusing today's online news, and the headline below caught my eye.

    Biden leads re-enactment of voting rights march

    Ironically, 'ol Shotgun Joe just finished celebrating his greatest contribution to Black History month.

    Democrats: the Party of the People.  No, seriously.

    (4 comments) Comments >>

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Lansing Dems Upset By Jamie Foxx's Comments

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 05:31:52 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, RTW, FTW, Unions, AstroTurf, MDP, Top Democrat, Obama, Visit, half White, Jamie Foxx, Kill all the White people, Racist a-hole (all tags)

    Oops!  Wrong headline.  Sorry about that.  Lansing Dems have their lady parts in a tizzy over the State Human Resources honcho reminding employees to exercise caution while there are belligerents, Emma Goldman malcontents, Proudhon geriatrics, and every other form of AstroTurf that unions can herd to the Dome by the bus loads.

    Jamie Foxx, was only talking about "I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?"

    That, I am reasonably sure Lansing Dems are good with even though their highest ranking Democrat in the nation is half White.  But, that just doesn't fit into the Democratic Party optics, does it?

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    Hansen Farce

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Sat Jul 07, 2012 at 11:17:58 AM EST
    Tags: Hansen Clarke, Elizabeth Warren, Geoffrey Fieger, Race Warlord Poverty Pimp, DNC, MDP, CD-13, New Black Pampers Party, Voting integrity, Voting fraud, SB-754, SB-803, HB-5061, Gov. Rick Snyder, Lyndon B. Johnson, Eric Holder, What are they doing here??? You'll be surprised what a lack of ID can accomplish (all tags)

    via Debbie Schlussel

    Ultimate Racebaiter: Dem Congressman (Who Supports Occupy Grp) Lies About Being 1/2 Black to Get Votes

    My favorite political story of the last week is that of Democrat U.S. Congressman Hansen Clarke of Detroit. He's running to be my Congressman and-needless to say-won't be getting my vote. He advocates the most wacky ideas and is an Occupy supporter and sympathizer. Far-left is a compliment for him. He's off the deep end. Throughout his political career as a state legislator and now as a Congressman, he's always maintained that he's half-Black. His father, a Bangladeshi Muslim alien, was obviously Asian. But there is now a lot of doubt regarding whether or not he's really half-Black. His mother's death certificate was dug up by one of Clarke's many opponents, and per years of rumors, it lists her as White.  

    Rest here

    Money quote?  "...and wouldn't wear a tie."  That says it all, Nerd voters.  So, is Detroit going to BLAST Hansen too?  I won't be holding my breath.

    Comments >>


    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Tue May 01, 2012 at 02:02:16 PM EST
    Tags: Skubick, Brewer's megaphone, Adult Diapers, MDP, Cheese with that wHine?, Occupy mentality, Anyone but Stabenow, NObama (all tags)

    I'm truly amazed the liberal old coot still has a following.

    Let's say you're a parent with four kids. You talk a lot to two of them and basically ignore the other siblings.

    What kind of parent would you be?

    How 'bout, not very good.

    Governor Rick Snyder has four folks in the legislature that he deals with. It turns out he is meeting quite often with the two GOP legislative leaders but in the past year, according to the legislative Democratic leaders, they have met with him and the other two GOP leaders only twice. That's right two times. They claim that's not enough.

    "We need to have the chance, without an agenda, to just yell a teach other," advises one of the "children" who has not talked much to his "dad."    

    Rest here

    So Tim, what Democrat agenda has changed one iota since the disastrous reign of Granholm?    Besides that fact, every self-respecting decent parent knows that you don't reward spoiled brat temper-tantrum behavior with attention.

    Dragging pandering grandpa Bill into this isn't going to help you either.

    Now Tim, you and Gretchen go to your rooms, think about it, and come back out when you can act like adults.

    (1 comment) Comments >>

    Quick! Alert The Flea Markets

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Mon Apr 30, 2012 at 09:20:55 AM EST
    Tags: MDP, Senate Democrats, Senator Gleason, Wasting our Tax Dollars, Medieval Symbolism, Bloodletting Poles, Government Expansion, Government Overreach, Ridiculous Regulations, Anyone but Stabenow, NObama (all tags)

    If one needed anymore proof that the Democratic Party is the Party of NEVER CHANGE the course of our ever expanding intrusive government, the Detroit News had a great article showcasing Michigan Senate Democrats championing the fight for .. bloodletting poles.

    The issue is important enough to state Sen. John Gleason that he has introduced legislation that makes it clear only licensed barber shops should have the right to display a barber pole.

    When he was in high school, he and his friends would go to the barber shop every Saturday morning. It was the "social center" of his hometown, the Democrat from Flushing said.

    "Fifty years ago, you knew if you saw the red and white pole, you knew there was a licensed barber in there," Gleason said.

    Or, in other parts of the globe its a good front for brothels.

    Gleason introduced a bill in November to try to ensure the barber pole is only displayed outside a licensed barber shop, not every place that offers hair cutting services. Most beauty salons with cosmetologists don't have barber poles outside, but Gleason said he wants to prevent the barber pole symbolism from being watered down.

    The significance of that red, white and often blue striped -- usually rotating -- barber pole dates back to before modern medicine, when barbers performed minor surgeries, like teeth pulling and bloodletting to rid the body of disease, barbers said. Each color is a different symbol -- white for bandages, red for blood and blue for veins -- and the rotation represents how the bandages were applied.

    Yessirree.  Welcome to the Michigan Democratic Party's mid 1300's vision for us in Lansing, folks.  

    What's next, Senator Gleason?  Regulations for abacus signage so Apple Stores aren't watered down?

    Comments >>

    Tuesdays Divertere: I Was Never Taught That Knowledge

    By Corinthian Scales, Section Multimedia
    Posted on Tue Feb 07, 2012 at 09:21:50 AM EST
    Tags: Governments Greatest Creation, The Sheeple, They Laugh at Themselves For Being Morons?, NEA, MEA, DNC, MDP (all tags)

    Promoted because I have a choice ~

    Thank the Teacher Goonions.

    (8 comments) Comments >>

    First Uplifting Michigan Story For 2012

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jan 06, 2012 at 10:48:44 AM EST
    Tags: Mandatory classroom instruction, gays and lesbians contributions, Barney Frank, DNC, MDP, Debbie Stabenow, Michigan (all tags)

    Hey, we're not California.

    The state of California has many new laws for 2012.

    Among them, California students will be the first in the U.S. to receive mandatory classroom instruction about the contributions of gays and lesbians to the development of the United States.

    With respect to the homosexual community and the Democratic Party, the mother of all contributions to the United States:

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