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    Tag: State of the State

    State Of The Statists

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat Jan 11, 2014 at 09:48:02 AM EST
    Tags: Up is Down, State of The State, Rick Snyder, Progressive Agenda (all tags)

    Next week Rick Snyder will put on his pre-superbowl ad.

    Like the 60 second ad purchased in certain markets for the Superbowl, his state of the state address is going to weave a tale of reform and success in Michigan.  He will no doubt AGAIN tout the end of the Michigan Business Tax, speak of regulatory reform, and MAYBE he will mention freedom to work.

    That last part of course, will be a clue as to how ready he is to defend it if necessary.

    The MBT, like burdensome regulations was a job killer.  It particularly hurt mom and pop businesses, and I applaud its removal.  The double taxation in some cases for the same output created a very non small-business friendly environment in the state.  It had to go, and it was one of the most positive legislative efforts in the last 4 years. Unfortunately it came with an added cost for some, instead of cutting costs for government.

    MLive says he will be talking about mental health:

    " The mental health issue is "primarily about the whole issue of diversion and treatment, because the real question is what can we do to help people who would otherwise end up in corrections?" Snyder said. "Can we do something to address the underlying issue more? That's really important." "
    Stop mollycoddling them?

    Unfortunately, mental health has its enemies in government. By driving apart through zealous entitlements and 'safety nets', our tax dollars have destroyed the futures of uncountable families for generations. By removing the ability of an individual to ply his or her craft through piles of red tape still growing, it retards singular achievements and discourages some to the point of crime or sloth. And through a distorted worldview of equality, enforced with the hammer of government, how in the hell can our kids ever know what is 'normal' again? They will feel the wrongness, but be told the 'rightness.'

    How could THAT go wrong?

    In the end, the governor will speak to the desires that polling and focus groups show Michigan is looking for in 2014.

    And THOSE desires will for the most part, be the harvest of the progressive seeds sown for too long.

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    Roads Or.. Something

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 09:40:42 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Governor, State Of The State, Rick Snyder, More Taxes Coming, User fees, Gas Taxes, False Arguments (all tags)

    There was enough to disagree with out of the governor's mouth tonight.

    The pandering reached epic proportions, but somehow I was not entirely surprised. Aside from essentially ignoring the single most important legislative feat (FTW) in his term (as if he was ashamed) he reached out with political correctness I haven't seen since the 90s.  I fully intend to analyze the complete transcript within a couple of days, but one item is particularly troubling.  The governor, in a bid to bring everyone on board broke out the tired old "investment" theme to sell a tax hike.

    "Michigan is currently short about $1.2 billion a year to fix our roads, .. We can pay today or continue to delay, but that will cost us twice as much. We'll need $12 billion over 10 years - and that's just in today's dollars. Continuing to delay lets the costs balloon to $25 billion in 10 years ..."
    And the argument is that we MUST add new "user fees" to motorists to pay for that shortage.

    Its a false argument.

    I agree with user fees.  In fact no one is more in line with applying a tax as close to its purpose as I.  If there is a tax or fee on an activity, it ought to at least have something to do with that activity. So its easy for those who are conservative minded to get alongside the governor.

    Except, ..before saying additional taxes ought to be applied, shouldn't we examine those that exist, and see where that money goes?  Is it not requisite that we understand what our current "user fees" are used for, before adding to them?


    (8 comments) Comments >>

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Expansions And Limitations

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 11:03:03 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, State of the State, Expansions, Growth of Government, Mandates, Mackinac Center (all tags)

    MIDLAND -- Gov. Rick Snyder's 2012 State of the State address included five proposed expansions of government and one limitation, according to Mackinac Center Fiscal Policy Director Michael D. LaFaive, who has tallied and categorized annual State of the State addresses as far back as 1969.

    "Gov. Snyder seemed to focus more on new programs than on limiting government's scope," said LaFaive. "However, if last year's address is an indicator, he may be understating his plans to lessen the impact and cost of government in the coming year. Like last year, the governor intends a series of legislative updates, which along with his budget presentation may give us a better understanding of his policy agenda."

    LaFaive noted that last year the governor offered a disappointing three limitations of government in his proposal, only to rein in the state in many more areas than he outlined in his address.

    "I am hopeful that the actual work accomplished by his administration is once again more inspiring than the vision laid forth tonight," LaFaive added.

    The results of the annual tally are below.

    (6 comments, 469 words in story) Full Story

    Michigan State of the State

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jan 18, 2012 at 12:46:10 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, State Of The State, Governor Snyder, Crime, Families (all tags)

    RightMichigan.com will be there tonight.

    There is much to say about Michigan as it begins the second year under governor Rick Snyder. But one cannot say that "nothing has been done."

    To be sure, there are disagreements with the priorities the nerd governor has gone after.  This site, and many conservatives, question his desire to [effectively] relinquish the private property of one particular bridge owner.  We often have commentary that questions the new taxes on seniors and other adjustments which seem to be readjusting burdens instead of reducing real spending.  THOSE concerns looking at the disparate income levels of unionized public workers to the private ones of similar tasks, who pay the bill ultimately.  And those unfortunately, not addressed and considered taboo so far, such as right to work, or the more pressing need to reign in the forced unionism debacle perpetrated on home health care workers.

    Snyder has hit the ground running with regard to school reform however, and the state had a budget in record time with the new legislative body in place as well.  A couple of key appointments, Maura Corrigan to head human services, and the good choice of Brian Zahra to replace her ion the supreme court has turned out to be an excellent allocation of resources.  The EFM framework is something that was desperately needed, and it too can be seen as a positive step forward.

    Tonight he will undoubtedly bring a positive focus to many of those things we can agree upon, and maybe a little spin on our issues of disagreement.

    Apparently however, he is expected to mention the high crime rates that were likely exacerbated by policies of the previous administration, and an increased attempt to curb its effect.

    More below. ~

    (11 comments, 829 words in story) Full Story

    State of Dismay

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jan 20, 2011 at 10:28:17 PM EST
    Tags: Governor, Snyder, Michigan, State of the State, Lansing, MEDC, DRIC, Boondoggle, Brewer, Democrats, Republicans (all tags)

    Someone's been drinking the 'Donkey Dew..'

    I wanted to get this out earlier, but have been slammed with other responsibilities.

    Last night left me a little disappointed.  Perhaps if Republicans do not understand now, they may never. Though there might be time for redemption, (success)it will not come as the result of what was said in the Governor's state of the state speech.

    Regulars will note my early opinions on Mr. Snyder prior to his becoming our nominee.  It was not at all flattering, and raised points questioning the involvement of Snyder's business interests with those 'government' incentives created by the entity HE in fact had a hand in creating.  As a businessman he did what was necessary to make his business survive, thrive, etc.. And had little problem disassociating any negative effect on those other businesses that pay taxes, from the government corporate welfare system known as the MEDC.

    Snyder carried forward into the 2010 cycle a message that "Lansing has to stop picking winners and losers", yet as recently as 2007, his own business enterprises were still milking our cow...  Using the only teat that wasn't spouting dust.

    (17 comments, 1513 words in story) Full Story

    Michigan the State of the State

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jan 19, 2011 at 06:57:09 PM EST
    Tags: State of the State, Michigan, Snyder (all tags)

    This will be an open thread, and the main body will be updated a few times throughout our governor's speech.

    You will have to refresh.


    Update [2011-1-19 19:8:16 by JGillman]: Skubick: "Daughter from that 'other school' in Ann Arbor.." LOL

    Update [2011-1-19 19:8:16 by JGillman]: Good shout out to our bravest.

    Update [2011-1-19 19:8:16 by JGillman]: Reinvention, report card, initiatives, sacrifice. Job #1 is jobs.

    continued below..

    (18 comments, 710 words in story) Full Story

    Wednesday Forecast

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Jan 18, 2011 at 10:45:04 PM EST
    Tags: State of the State, Michigan, Blown away (all tags)

    Capitol wind advisory..

    Winds expected to be blowing across Michigan seemingly emanating from Lansing with the intensity expected to be greatest after 7PM.

    Unknown if they will be warm winds of recovery, or the cool breeze of indifference.  Forecasters expect however that the winds should NOT reach the scouring level of velocity experienced in the past 8 years.  Perhaps this time we will not be expecting to be 'blown away.'

    Otherwise it will be cold outside. ..very cold.

    Expect an open thread for the State of the state.

    (7 comments) Comments >>

    Response To The State of The State.. Part One.

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Feb 09, 2010 at 11:40:21 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Granholm, State of the State, Obama, Business (all tags)

    Its been nearly a week since the SOS. Governor Jennifer Granholm performed well on stage, or so I am told.  The text of her speech below may be slightly off, but is as presented in a transcript provided for the media.  One addition should be her acknowledgment of the protesters on the capitol steps.  A group I was proud to be with.

    I wanted to respond in a point by point manner to her statements on the condition of the state of Michigan.  Ideologically, we could not be more opposed, and the criticisms I inject are tempered as well as could be done, given the distance between her views and my own.  But even ideology cannot explain away the lessons of cause and effect.  Lessons too often lost, as logic succumbs to emotional ploys made by those who seek power for the sake of same.

    This is the first in a series.

    The beginning of her speech, and some commentary follows below the fold...

    (2166 words in story) Full Story

    Next 8 >>
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