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    Tag: Virg Bernero

    Martial Law Declared In Lansing

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jan 06, 2014 at 10:03:39 AM EST
    Tags: Snow Day, Martial Law, Stay Off the Streets, Virg Bernero (all tags)

    Well, not really.

    Unnecessary travel through the city can make you a lawbreaker however.  Virg Bernero, has declared non-essential driving in Lansing to be PROHIBITED. According to MLIVE, Non-essential commercial, private and public travel on Lansing's city roads is prohibited:

    "What driving is considered essential? Anything you need to do, according to Bernero's executive assistant Randy Hannan. If you have to go to work or class, that's considered essential. If you are out of food and need to go to the grocery store, that's essential as well."
    In other words, those who are up to joy riding around on City streets, should carry an empty milk jug.

    Mikey's Cheerios needs cow juice.


    (2 comments) Comments >>

    Whoa! Team Obama Flushes MDCR Fabrication - I Agree With Ozero's Peeps?

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Tue Jun 04, 2013 at 09:46:42 AM EST
    Tags: MDCR, Fabrications, Race Warlords and Poverty Pimps, Progressives, the Federal pow wow, the Slapdown, Lansing, Michigan, Virg Bernero, Chicken Little (all tags)

    Just catching up on some reading, and a good outcome caught my eye from mLive.

    A state agency says the U.S. Department of Education has dismissed a complaint that sought to end the use of certain American Indian mascots and imagery in Michigan K-12 schools.

    The decision means Michigan schools won't be forced to change their mascots, nicknames or imagery. But the Michigan Department of Civil Rights says it reviewing the decision and considering its next steps.

    What should be MDCR's next steps?  Howza 'bout your department try living in reality, and stop playing make believe games with the "protected species" card for a change.  It would be a good start for this state and nation.  Well, unless Malice Sharpton types are the goal for recruiting a new Executive Director.  Anyhoo, to the meat and potatoes.

    A letter released by the Michigan agency from the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights provided some rationale for the dismissal of the complaint. The letter said the state agency didn't provide sufficient information to infer that racial discrimination has occurred or is occurring. The letter said the state agency "did not provide to OCR any specific examples of race-based incidents nor identify any students or individuals who have suffered specific harm because of the alleged discrimination at any of the named school districts."

    Ouch!  The Fed peeps from this dude's Land of Misfit Toys agenda not only told the MDCR that their envisioned "get to the back of the tipi" moment is a unicorn, but they also told the MDCR their "tipi" doesn't exist too!  What an embarrassing slapdown for some Michigan 'professional' Progressives.  The MDCR's Elizabeth Warren-esque shenanigans didn't hunt.  Either that, or on the Federal "protected species" ladder: it's muhammadans, then sodomites at the top, and somewhere way, way down on the lower rungs is injuns.  Considering the actions emanating from the Obama White Hizzy for the past four plus years, that'd be reasoned a safe bet in any casino.

    Ain't that right, Lansing Democrat, Virg Bernero?

    Comments >>

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Good Question Huh Virg?

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 02:32:01 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Prop 2, Prop 3, Virg Bernero, Leprechauns, Unicorns, MAGIC (all tags)

    CPMC has an easy question for the FAILED gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero.
    "How Will Virg Bernero Pay for Annual Increased $1.6 Billion Costs Per Year for Proposal 2?"
    Uhh yeah..

    Maybe he is also counting on Prop 3 to pass.  The voted-in magic unicorns will be ALL OVER Lansing along with their Leprechaun riders to spring gold and fairy dust all over the town.  Yeah, that will work.

    CPMC is all over Virg's inability to touch base with reality on this issue:"

    "Newspapers across Michigan have reported that Proposal 2 will increase costs to taxpayers by $1.6 billion a year.  Last month, Virg Bernero appointed a financial advisory team in Lansing to deal with his cities burgeoning deficit, making this the worst possible time to raise costs on taxpayers and local governments.

    "Whether it's using city money to maintain an aquarium and personalized pencils, or dealing with the city's deficit, Mayor Bernero needs to explain to Lansing taxpayers how he will pay for the $1.6 billion annual price tag attached to Proposal 2.  This Constitutional hijacking attempt by the government worker unions is costly, dangerous and irresponsible and voters should say no to Proposal 2."

    Or else.

    No Unicorns this year..  We can't afford them.

    (13 comments) Comments >>

    Chicken Little?

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Jan 31, 2012 at 08:22:14 AM EST
    Tags: Grand Traverse Band, Lansing, Michigan, Virg Bernero, Chicken Little (all tags)

    Michigan is not often considered boring.

    Lansing Mayor and former Gubernatorial contender Virg Bernero is being accused of racially insensitive remarks by Michigan Indian Tribes.  According to the Traverse City Record Eagle:

    "James Nye, a member of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and a spokesman for tribes opposing the Lansing casino plans, said he's been told Bernero referred to him as "Chief Chicken Little" at last week's fundraiser. Bernero apologized Monday but said he didn't think his comments could be construed as a racial slur."

    The bombastic Bernero, of course denies the remarks were meant as racial slurs, and being a Democrat, the issue will be dropped soon. Grand Traverse Band members are already lining up to support his ambitions for a new CURRENT talk show.

    In related news, the sky is falling.

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    Afternoon giggles

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue May 10, 2011 at 06:11:30 PM EST
    Tags: Bernero, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Eric Bolling, Virg Bernero, Boeing (all tags)

    Adequately portraying the nation's mob boss, godfather, a 'blinky' Virg Bernero went on the Glenn Beck program tonight defending the NLRB decision to fight Boeing's new $2 Billion SC facility. According to  Bernero and others it is an attempt to lower wages, as "the company makes record profits."

    Eric Bolling, filling in for Beck tonight introduced the Lansing mayor Bernero as his "dear friend" before crushing the standard socialist fare with an observation about what Bernero is doing to deal with a deficit in Lansing.  Bernero ackowledged the tax increase he had asked for was turned down by the taxpayers, and that he must lower wages.

    by golly..  no, really?

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    CMNtv Gubernatorial Debate: October 21, 2010

    By KG One, Section News
    Posted on Wed Oct 20, 2010 at 10:34:54 PM EST
    Tags: CMNtv, Gubernatorial Debate, Stacey Mathia, Ken Proctor, Harley Mikkelson, Virg Bernero, Troy (all tags)

    Contrary to what organizations like the Center for Michigan and the MSM would like you to believe, there will be another Gubernatorial Debate before the November Election.

    Check out below for more details.

    (3 comments, 225 words in story) Full Story

    Snyder Bernero Debate Video

    By JGillman, Section Multimedia
    Posted on Mon Oct 11, 2010 at 07:15:26 AM EST
    Tags: Rick Snyder, Virg Bernero, Michigan, Governor's Race, debate (all tags)

    Without further comment.. yet.

    Watch live streaming video from freep1 at livestream.com

    (1 comment) Comments >>

    The Debate..

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Oct 10, 2010 at 08:08:06 PM EST
    Tags: Rick Snyder, Virg Bernero, Michigan, Governor's Race, debate (all tags)

    The only debate between Michigan Gubernatorial contenders Rick Snyder and Virg Bernero was tonight.

    As soon as the debate is available for after event viewing, I would encourage you to find and view it. One thing that stood out to me is how "blinky" Virg Bernero is. (In particular, a 'tic' in his right eye) It made me do a quick search for things that it may represent.  I found this:

    How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

    • Try changing the topic and see how easily the liar will be ready to change the subject. His body and face will look relaxed.
    • If you think he is giving false answers to your questions, try asking him minute details. He will take unusual breaks as his brain will take time to imagine and construct a story with minute details.
    • Try asking minute details after a considerable time gap. Most of the times, the liar will have different answers. This happens because an imaginary story is difficult to remember.
    • A liar might even try to confuse the listener by adding unnecessary details and deviating from the main issue.
    • Ask the liar to look into your eyes all the time while talking to you. If you are a good observer, even a slightest change in his eye-movement that is connected with lying will be noticed. It will be useful to warn him to tell only the truth.
    • One of the easiest ways of catching a liar is to let him speak without asking him any questions. The more explanation you hear from him, the more possibility of him lying.

    Unfortunately, some of the symptoms require more time, and more 'rope' than what a debate format can offer..

    The particular quote that initially drew my attention?

    "Too Much of Eye Blinking: Lying has a stressful effect on the liar's body. If a person is lying, his eyes are strained resulting in too much of eye blinking."

    Folks, as you know, I have my misgivings, but I will tell you, the times I have met Rick Snyder in person, he looked me in the eye and didn't blink or look away.  I had his full attention for as long as I wanted to talk.  This is only ONE thing to pull away from the debate, and I do encourage you to look. The strobe must have been terrible for ol Virg.


    (11 comments, 566 words in story) Full Story

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