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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    You get it (none / 0) (#6)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon May 16, 2011 at 06:54:47 AM EST
    Yannow, I really don't care what kind of happy face folk try to paint on this Snyder administration anymore.  I didn't vote for it in either the Primary or the General, and sure as hell won't be voting Snyder if he makes it to re-election.  The deal is those in Lansing that think they've cut a hog in the ass left the hammer of power in the public sector union hands that more than likely will be able to boot them out next election.

    Playing the temp game that the private sector plays as a way for gummint to avoid gummint unions as now alleged, is a half-assed stop gap measure.  Pathetically limp wristed and will last til the next MoleRattler comes along to smell up the Governors mansion.

    It was asked, do we go all or nothing?  Damn straight it's all.  Another point of contention... Did we see one measure from the Republican Majority in Lansing eliminating the states minimum $7.40/hr wage in their quest for job creation?  No.  Michigan remains the top 8th highest in the nation while 37 other states and territories allow the minimum to fall on the Feds shoulders.  How in the hell did this go MIA by Lt. GoverNerd or the GoverNerd or Mr. Good Conservative in the Lansing scheme of gummint playing job creator?  They sure as hell didn't mind playing games with my property and income taxes in the name of subsidizing public sector debt and a marginally trimmed 4 years of welfare mooches.  Yes, obscene property and income tax is what lead to those tax alleviations on pensioners being squeezed during the H.W./BJ Clinton recession.  "As a CPA, I've found that most seniors didn't understand why they were getting the exemption (it only kicked in in the mid-90s) anyway."?  Oy vey.  Mmmnnnnyah, so with a conveniently placed 'for the children' Lansing will softly creep towards feeding the beast of the early 90's because somehow during Resident Obogey's created recession, surely that 'ol alligator will be the one to eat certain pensioners last.

    Matter of fact, just the mentioning of the smarmy little Lt. lame-duck Mandate seeker get's my blood boiling in his efforts to now paint smiley faces on MI-GOP asshattery they've been running since last November's election.

    But hey, put a Nerd from A2 in charge that'll frequently rub elbows in DC over a slab of Waygu with Resident Obysmal and he'll throw Michigan an indentured couple hundred million for 30 minute faster Amtrak and a Poof! PFM! tax free gummint chosen "winner" bridge.  Lansing GOP has Big Government written all over it, period.  This new meme Calley is braying of paying up on past debt obligations while his GOP Majority elected is more than willing to bury Michigan in future debt obligation is obscene in DNC scale hee-haw proportions.

    Aw, fugit.  There I go again... allegedly arguing "and not being a good conservative" by those now holding the reins in Lansing.

    This I do know.  If my Rep. Pale Pastelia, and Sen. Yet To Respond, want to remain in Office, they'd better start fighting for my talking points real fugging fast.  I believe in tossing congresscritters in the recycling bin until they "get it".


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