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    Raise the curtain.

    Republicans led 'out of the wilderness' by Conservative Unity

    By pauldpeterson, Section News
    Posted on Fri Apr 24, 2009 at 08:04:13 AM EST
    Tags: unity, diversity, right, truth, win elections, future, heritage (all tags)

    In responding to an article, "Michigan Republicans must look towards the future to win" by Dennis Lennox, posted 4/22/09, I took the opportunity to opine, sharing my own convictions with my fellow Republicans about the overall subject: Using Conservative Unity to lead the party out of the 'wilderness' that's born of divisive politics, demographic pandering, and (I will add here) a perception that we should somehow be ashamed of our heritage as conservatives.

    It was recommended to me that it was worthy of its own post, so here it is as written.  Let us UNITE to win elections. Right and Truth do not 'evolve', rather, handed down from antiquity.

    CLARIFICATION:  Please note that any appearance of 'class-warfare' points are intended to be a criticism of some politicians on the Left.  I do not subscribe to class-warfare arguments in the slightest, but I think such arguments the Left makes against their opponents is much more applicable to themselves; it's how they think.

    Reaching Out, Yes; but as you propose... NO!
    by pauldpeterson on Thu Apr 23, 2009 at 10:08:00 AM

    While I find the carrot at the end of this article's stick attractive, that we look to the future by reaching out to women and the upcoming youth, I find its means extremely disturbing.  To imply that a public cannot be represented properly by someone other than the demographic they're reaching out to is a high form of bias that we are trying to stamp out in this country.  In fact, I would daresay that many conservative women may even prefer representation by a man than a woman; it's not something you can presuppose.  There is evidence to support either view, showing it is a matter of personal preference, not something you can cast generally over an electorate. Same with the young; historically, the young look up to their mentors for guidance, and I believe, representation, at least after they're done being teens. ;)


    What matters so much more is the substance of a candidate's core values, beliefs, platform, open-mindedness, willingness to listen and actually represent, ability to unify, and ability to stand up to criticism and attack, which will invariably come from a hateful Left.  What the Republican Party needs to stand for is standing against this kind of demographic pandering that results in wishy-washy values, based on the Left's interpretation of multiculturalism or demographic diversity, which has been sold so long to Americans, that even now, it eeks it's way into our (supposed-to-be-conservative) Republican Party.  (Incidentally, as a white male, I find it highly offensive and unprofessional, if that matters to anyone else.)

    Lastly, let's get something absolutely straight about DIVERSITY. The Left has used it as a means to DIVIDE people according to their demographic by continually pointing out policies of Diversity and producing 'Diversity Training' to industry that dwells on how Diversity means white males being considerate of other races and women (what about other races being considerate of the host of European sub-ethnicities in our culture, specifically ideas of honor and chivalry?). This in itself is divisive; white males are not the problem our society today, haven't been for a long time, not sure they ever were (en masse) as the feminist movement has besmirched their own gender so much that Freud, were he alive today, might accuse them of a mental illness he called 'penis envy'.  Conservative women are more concerned about actually BEING feminine and standing for right and against wrong, which I, for one, am staunchly in favor of and support whole-heartedly; this includes a lack of discrimination, yet encouraging fair competition and discouraging unfair double-standards.

    The Left pushes the slogan DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH; again this is WRONG.  UNITY IS STRENGTH; this is why their party is now stronger than ours. Ours is fractionalized and factionalized because some of us have bought their hype, having been misled, which is part of what I'm fighting against for the benefit of our party! While UNITY IS STRENGTH, what, then, is DIVERSITY, really?  DIVERSITY IS ADVANTAGE, which doesn't necessarily take the distilled form of demographics; rather, performance diversity. "All Men are created equal" (do I really have to insert here that 'Men' refers to 'huMANity'?); yet, a Man is also the sum of his deeds (again, women too!), meaning outcomes depend on what you do with yourself and your life.  Therefore, Diversity as Advantage is expressed even more in what people can DO in a group, NOT HOW THEY LOOK!!

    In Conclusion, we must Reach Out to groups we need to win through good marketing of our ideals, educating them on why we win in the Arena of Ideas, and engage them in conversations of substance, hopefully, purging them of the Lies from the Left; i.e., we need to carefully convince people to join us, not pander to demographics. It is also more a matter of Marketing the Republican Party properly, without sacrificing substance.  We can look to the future, and REACH OUT to the future, while standing on the RICH HERITAGE of our past as a party.  Getting away from that heritage is how we got into the wilderness in the first place.  Never make that mistake again!

    by pauldpeterson on Thu Apr 23, 2009 at 10:28:04 AM

    What is wrong with our legislative bodies (and possibly our party's offerings), is that they are all lawyers (OK, so all/never are statements born of fallicy, but let's face it, MOST are lawyers). Other than our society generally having a dislike for lawyers as a profession (no offense to the good, conservative lawyers out there, but, hey, the jokes speak for themselves...kidding!), politicians usually play down their profession in favor of their platform. Oft times, this is because they're from rich families, coming from Law School directly into politics, never having had to make it in the private sector (hats off to the lawyers that have).  So where's the Diversity in our legislative bodies?  Must be that close to the entire population of those represented are lawyers, yes?   (Actually, we all know this answer to be NO.)

    We are losing our Constitution in government because lawyers are more interested in telling people what they CAN'T do than empowering them TO DO. Even now, lawyers in government are pridefully rewriting our way of life into their own image, even thinking they can run businesses they know nothing about, and for what? Because they've sold the electorate somehow on the idea that only lawyers can write law? Wrong!  I could rewrite the Tax Code on one page, if not a line or two. Translation into legalese or ensuring a new law doesn't unintentionally conflict with good existing law is what paralegals and staff lawyers are for (including any other legal issues involved).

    Therefore, perhaps we should concentrate on DIVERSITY of SUBSTANCE, PERFORMANCE, PROFESSION within our CONSERVATIVE UNITY in order to produce good laws and Constitutional Governance. After all, the Framers of the Constitution were...

    "Ben Franklin was the only really old man.  Eighteen were under 40; three were in their 20's. Of the 56, almost half - 24 - were judges and lawyers. Eleven were merchants, nine were landowners and farmers, and the remaining 12 were doctors, ministers and politicians."
      -- Excerpt from Atty Rush H. Limbaugh, Jr.'s speech, "Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor"

    For more information on Paul Peterson's candidacy in the Michigan Republican Party, please visit http://apps.facebook.com/causes/274643/59096994?m=1b2abeb2

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    In 1768 John Dickinson wrote the Liberty Song with the words, By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall. Are these words not applicable today in regards to saving the Republican Party from irrelevance?
    Benjamin Franklin said to his fellow Framers, "If we do not stand together, we shall surely hang together."
    Does not the idea of Divide and Conquer come from the Art of War?

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