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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    We have a government.. But

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 12:07:29 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Snyder, Schuette, Johnson, Government, SOS, Attorney General, Governor, Justices, Supreme court, Liberals, Inauguration (all tags)

    Today, Snyder, Schuette, Johnson, and a host of others took their positions up as wished upon them by the voters in this state.

    Rick Snyder:

    "We need to stop being divisive and be inclusive. We have spent too much time fighting among ourselves, and have become our own worst enemy,"

    Tell me you didn't write that yourself, and that you borrowed it from the Center for Michigan.

    Inclusive perhaps, if it is inclusive of the reality that leftist policies brought us here.  This "moment of opportunity" you mentioned at another point, is indeed that. Sir, If you go down the road of everybody gets their pet project saved, we won't be using that opportunity very well.  This is an opportunity to perhaps share a little of the reality the taxpayers who are NOT employed in state government, must endure.  De-certifying the unions would be a good start in helping the State employees KEEP their jobs.

    I was the worst critic of the nerd before he won in the primary.  I must admit however, I have been pretty silent on Snyder's expected performance because I think we can make a lot of noise that doesn't much matter at this point.  When he screws up, we will be right there.

    The event today had Snyder talking about his family's prior service in the capitol.  His maternal grandfather apparently was a custodian there.  kind of a neat story actually, demonstrating the level in which a family can grow in Michigan, and in this nation once revered as the basket of opportunity of the world.

    Opportunity in Michigan and nationwide destroyed by the type of leftist Marxism exhibited by Snyder's predecessor and the wrecking crew known as our current federal administration.

    We can at least start the healing now. ~ more below ~

    Our new Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, actually drew a pretty good cheer from the sunny day crowd in Lansing.

    Ruth is one of those people it would be hard not to like.  Popular to be sure with a great number of the Tea Party folks, she is also the most likely (in my opinion) to actively seek the best protections for our vote integrity.  She gets it.

    She has also pledged to keep the SOS trim and efficient. From the Detroit News:

    "Today, standing here on the east steps of the Capitol, we have the leadership to do what needs to be done: To downsize government," Johnson continued. "To be more efficient with less. To cut costs. To hold the government accountable to the people it serves."

    Quite popular, she was able to liven up the crowd a bit. According to that same article she greeted over 500 people personally at her reception by early afternoon.

    Scheutte, also beaming on the sunny Saturday afternoon inaugural sounding very umm governorish.. Well let me say this.. the man will carry forward our position that the health care bill is unconstitutional.  In fact I would expect little departure from the way Cox had run things.

    And he pours a mean cup of coffee. (seriously..  go to a Schuette event.  If your coffee cup is empty, he'll leave the podium to get you all set.)

    Our newest Supreme court selection is quite satisfactory, with the addition of another (the good twin) Justice Kelly, and the reelection of Justice Bob Young.

    A concern I have however, is the possibility of Snyder selecting State Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan to lead the Dept. of Human Services.  I have no doubt she would do a good job, but the question remains who might be her replacement assigned by the new governor. As we have seen already, crossing the aisle for Snyder is not out of the question.

    In fact I'll end this here with a question.  If Snyder has opened up his term with an 'inclusive argument' that brings on board the very people who's ideas have brought Michigan to the miserable state it is in, then would it be so surprising for us to once again have a court that feels it must rush through all the crap decisions like it has in the last week of this year?

    Staying tuned.

    < Last-Minute Union-Friendly Decision | Fred Upton, Enough Is Enough >

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    I am not surprised in the least. (none / 0) (#1)
    by LookingforReagan on Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 11:14:19 AM EST
    When you elect a RINO this is what you can expect. Obviously he didn't understand the meaning of the election. It wasn't to send Republicans to Lansing to get along with Democrats it was to STOP them. STOP the destruction of what little is left of the once greatest economy of the fifty states. We did not elect Snyder to go play nice with the Commie Libs but to knock them into last year and leave them there. His job is to undo all the damage they wrought on this state. To rectify and remedy the stupidiy that has reined here for the last eight years brought by the Destructor.
    The opportuinity that has been presented is that for the first time in my life Republicans control everything in state government. We have the Governors office, SOS, AG and the legislature and Supreme Court. We can pretty much do as we choose. I am doubtful that our shiney brand new Gov is going to make the right choices. The biggest problem for the Republicans now that they have been given the keys to the kingdom is that if they screw it up there is nobody to blame. They are it. Just like Reid and Pelosi have been repudiated in the same election that brought Republican dominence to Michigan this could happen here in four years as well.
    Governor Snyder. You were not sent to Lansing to do what the Democrats thought was best. You were sent, along with a bevy of other Republicans to undo the damage. To lower taxes, give Michigan workers a true choice in the workplace, to give us a tax system that works for everyone and is fair across the board. You were sent to Lansing to remove the regulations imposed by a leftist Marxist with the aim of containing the strenght of the American people. Set our businesses free so they can do what they do best. Produce and innovate and create jobs and wealth for the masses not just for a few.
    Some starting places would be to get rid of the MEDC, reform the prison system through privatization. Cut the number of state employees. Outlaw public sector unions. Reduce state employee pay to the same levels that the private sector provides for the same job requirements. The only things that will save Michigan are to reduce regulation and spending, pass Right to Work and the Fair tax. Cut state jobs and payrole. These are things that can be done with minimal suffering for the average citizen. But it is a good place to start.
    But if Snyder starts to listen to the Democrats that got us into this mess he won't do any better then the Czarina. We will be watching. If he does what I feel is best for this state I will be the first one to say I was wrong. But I am betting I am not. And I won't have to say those three little words unless to say "I was right."

    Opinions and Philosophy (none / 0) (#2)
    by steve on Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 11:31:15 AM EST

    Discuss opinions. They say we need to be inclusive, look at other points of view and build consensus.


    Have a philosophy and core beliefs. Conservatives believe in limited government and the individual.

    Rick Snyder:

    "We need to move from negative to positive. We need to stop looking in the rearview mirror and look toward the future. We need to stop being divisive and become inclusive,"

    Rick Perry:

    "Because of what I want to see Washington become -- I want to send someone to the White House who will stand up and make the federal government as inconsequential in your lives as possible."

    Someone get him a backbone! (none / 0) (#3)
    by KG One on Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 08:53:43 PM EST
    I wasn't very impressed with the milquetoast speech given yesterday by Snyder either.

    It reminded me of too many business "leaders" I've encountered who are able to impress the sheep by speaking for long periods of time without really saying anything.

    Now, those same people are busy taking orders at the corner Mickey D's

    Given Gov. Snyder's {shudder} record to date, this speech really didn't surprise me. His 10-Point Plan was equally as vapid as his inauguration speech.

    Where the rubber hits the road is when he releases the FY 11-12 Budget in a few weeks.

    What "sacrifices" will the remainder of the producing class here in Michigan have to make, in order to move us all forward in the long term?

    Another income tax hike?

    Maybe a sales tax hike?

    Something more byzantine than the MBT?

    Zeroing out of revenue sharing/more unfunded mandates on local cities?

    All the more reason to dust of the criteria for invoking Art. II, §8...just in case.

    Ahhhh (none / 0) (#4)
    by grannynanny on Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 09:34:16 PM EST
    Just returned from Texas - business is booming and business is hiring.  So Rick Snyder????  What is your solution?  Work with the libs to do what???

    Ummmm okay.  Maybe I should look into moving to Texas.  

    Did not (none / 0) (#5)
    by grannynanny on Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 09:49:27 PM EST
    get any pat downs during my trip and even made a smoke stop outside O'hare and went back thru security with no problems.  Although..... leaving Lansing they did a complete pat down inspection of a couple with two very small children.

    Detroit - same thing - saw several young parents with small children getting the secondary inspection while shady looking people just waltzed thru.

    Dallas/Ft. Worth - same story - young families getting the full pat down and in one instance a Muslim woman with full burka carrying a small child dressed in some kind of costume was waived thru.

    Chicago - same thing. Young families being subjected to full pat downs.  

    My daughter is ex-military and works for a subcontractor and the word they are getting is that TSA is given a list of numbers (not names, descriptions, etc.)  and when that number comes up those people get the extra scrutiny.  So, once again, TSA is useless if that is the case.  Just doing a random search based on numbers of passengers is not going to stop some lunatic.  The Nappy Clown must go!!!!  If Zero does not get rid of her - it will be the laughing stock of his administration.  

    And everyone was carrying the aluminum type beverage holders and they were not being sent thru secondary screening.  Yet I was wearing a turtle neck with a sweater and they made me take off the sweater off.  

    All in all, it was not a bad experience for me but I was very surprised at what they were letting thru - at least according to my observations.  TSA is a joke.

    By the way - today a lot of TSA agents in O'hare were more glued to the football game than business today.  

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