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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Michelle Bachman Event In Grand Rapids

    By Kevin Rex Heine, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jan 03, 2011 at 04:01:31 PM EST
    Tags: Robert Schostak, Michelle Bachmann, Michigan Republican Party, Kent County Republicans, Tea Party of West Michigan, Independence Caucus of Michigan, Michigan Tea Party Alliance, Norm Shinkle, Eileen McNeil, Alex Clark, Sarah Ledford, Justin Amash, Bill Huizenga (all tags)

    As the state's chief executive, Rick Snyder has a long-standing right accorded to all such chief executives: that being the right to indicate his preference for his party's state chairmanship.  Should he choose to exercise that right, as he has done in endorsing Robert Schostak (the sitting MIGOP Finance Chair), then it is with the expectation that his preference will be respected.  Moreover, of the seven or nine names that I've heard tossed about as possible challengers, none save Troy Rolling (the sitting MIGOP Grassroots Vice-Chair) has emerged as an actual candidate, and I'm not sure that Rolling's challenge should be taken seriously.

    But Mr. Schostak is a wise man, and he is well aware that the voting delegates of the Michigan Tea Party Alliance (who will carry considerable clout on the state convention floor) require some convincing before they'll buy into his candidacy.  It was with this very thing in mind that he scheduled a couple of events - occurring on December 28th - with the leader of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, Michelle Bachmann.

    The doors for the Grand Rapids event at the Airport Hilton opened promptly at 10:15 a.m., and I had made a point of being there when they did (better seating choices that way).  I checked in with Sam Moore and Justin Swan (the incoming Chairman and current Political Director of the Kent GOP), grabbed a cup of coffee, and worked the room as the crowd filtered in.  I had opportunity to speak with Norm Shinkle (candidate for MIGOP Coalitions Vice-Chair), Eileen McNeil (candidate for MIGOP Outreach Vice Chair), Lindsey Smith from Michigan Radio, and both Alex Clark and Sarah Ledford (candidates for MIGOP Youth Chair).

    Most of the crowd in attendance, though, was made up of members of the Tea Party of West Michigan and the Independence Caucus of Kent County.  Many of the faces were new to political involvement (having only gotten involved since the start of the tea party movement . . . or later), though all were interested in hearing not only what Bobby Schostak had to say for himself, but what a couple of high-profile supporters had to say about him.  I learned later that the Kent GOP had actively targeted their grassroots supporters from 2010 - many of whom are now "crossover members" - for this event.  The Kent GOP traditionally provides opportunities to support their grassroots activists and keep them engaged; and everyone I spoke to expressed nothing other than appreciation for this event.

    A little after 11:20, Justin Swan stepped up to the microphone and announced that Congresswoman Bachmann had arrived (her flight having been delayed by weather), and was now in an invitation-only roundtable meeting in the next room.  About twenty minutes later, as the meeting broke up and they filtered into the conference room where the rest of us were seated, Sam Moore stepped up to the lectern and introduced Congressman-elect Bill Huizenga.

    Bill Huizenga

    Speaking to a packed-to-capacity room, Congressman Huizenga recalled having originally met Congresswoman Bachmann when she was a State Senator from Minnesota, and had been impressed with her then.  He noted that this is the biggest incoming freshman republican class to Congress - ever - and that there were two reasons for this:  First, the in-the-trenches efforts of the MTPA , without which the victories in Michigan would not have been possible.  Second, the fundraising of Bob Schostak provided the money needed to support the grassroots efforts.  After stating that we need to follow up our successes in 2010 with victories in 2012, Huizenga introduced Congressman-elect Justin Amash.

    Justin Amash

    Congressman Amash, who drew a standing ovation when he ascended the podium, began by recalling his experiences as the State Representative for the 72nd House District.  In particular, he mentioned that he'd set a standard by posting both his office budget and his votes online for all of his constituents to see.  He's thrilled to see that the GOP went from a 43-67 minority in the State House to a 63-47 majority, and that we have four new Michigan Republicans in Congress.

    Amash noted that the candidates had run on principle, supported by the MTPA and the funding provided by Bob Schostak.  That funding was critical, because the Walberg and Benishek races were two of the most expensive races in the country.  (Of the five state congressional seats that had been targeted for flipping, these were the two that had actually succeeded . . . and the Dems hadn't gone down without a fight.)

    Amash concluded by pointing out that there's a big difference between Democrats and Republicans.  We will have the momentum going into 2012 only to the extent that we stay true to our principles and have good party leadership.  We have to work together to win in 2012.  He then introduced Bob Schostak.

    Robert Schostak

    Bob Schostak, who received enthusiastic applause as he was introduced, began by recognizing the MTPA and I-Caucus leadership; he added that MIGOP would not have won in 2010 without the grassroots crew that they provided.  The people have rejected the liberal agenda and sent a clear message: less spending, less government, more liberty.  Michigan is leading the way on this.  He had been determined to send a minimum of four republican freshmen to Congress . . . we almost sent seven.

    But with great power comes great responsibility.  The Republican Party's clear mission is to return the nation to its founding principles.  We have to stay focused, and continue to send our message that liberty works.  This is why he's running for state GOP chair.

    Because of the policies of Granholm and Obama, the wind was at our backs in 2010; but we're going to have the wind in our faces in 2012.  This is going to be about the grassroots effort, because he intends to deliver Michigan for the republican presidential candidate, make Obama a one-term flash-in-the-pan, send Stabenow on a pleasure cruise, and expand our majorities in the State Legislature and in Congress.

    With that, he introduced Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

    Michele Bachmann

    Congresswoman Bachmann received a thunderous standing ovation, and began by pointing out that Michigan is a model for the rest of the country when it comes to dealing with adversity caused by leadership and policy failures . . . been there, done that.  Michigan had been written off by the rest of the nation, but the people of this state refused to surrender.  They figured out what wasn't working, and took action to fix it.

    Bachmann recalled the Sunday night back in March when Bart Stupak's flop on abortion funding effectively guaranteed the passage of healthcare deform.  She had been appalled at Stupak's change of position, especially at the hypocrisy involved in that shift.  However, she's pleased to welcome Tim Walberg back to Congress.  Walberg had been a member of the smallest republican freshman class since the House of Representatives had expanded to 435 members, but now he's got more company.

    She had spoken with some of the outgoing members of Michigan's congressional delegation, and they were appalled at the current state of Michigan's economy.  The incoming members of the delegation that she has already spoken with are resolved to fix the problems.  She urged the people of Michigan to stay strong, because we have the ingredients in place to show the country what a real turnaround looks like.

    Bachmann noted that her race (Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District) was the single most expensive race in the country, because Nancy Pelosi and her minions had made Bachmann the top republican target for removal.  Unfortunately, though Pelosi has been de-frocked as the House Speaker, she still holds a minority leadership position.

    She asserted, to considerable applause, that we cannot afford a second term for Obama.  Instead of taking action, he's more interested in negotiating with America's enemies.  It's demoralizing, and it reduces our nation's safety and security.  One of her goals is to have, on January 20th, 2013, a repeal of ObamaCare waiting for the new president's signature as soon as his inauguration ceremony is complete.  (Although a repeal measure will be pushed immediately on the first session day of the 112th Congress, they don't expect it to be signed into law until a republican majority dominates both chambers, and a republican is sitting in the oval office.)

    Bachmann pointed out her belief that fair-minded, reasonable democrats and independents agree with fair-minded, reasonable republicans and libertarians on core principles (including monetary policy).  We don't want to be anything like Europe.  We're the leader of the free world, and good things happen when we lead.

    Who would have thought that Michigan would become a "red state"?  The MTPA was the reason for this.  The tea party movement saw "hope and change" for what it really was and stood up against it, demanding that the government stay within the founding documents.  The MIGOP embraced the tea party message, and Bobby Schostak put together the finances to make it happen.

    Bachmann closed by reminding the crowd to not be ashamed of the founding documents.  In those documents we are told of inalienable rights given to us by our creator and preserved by a government that rules by the consent of the people.

    TOGETHER . . . we can fix Michigan

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    Good job bringing it together Kevin! (none / 0) (#1)
    by JGillman on Mon Jan 03, 2011 at 04:49:53 PM EST
    The point is it MUST be the Republicans as the framework, and the hardened resolve in the primary process.

    Argument had this morning with someone who wants pragmatic 'moderate' candidates moving us in the right direction..  My stance is we should have the best SOLIDLY conservative candidate who can teach why conservatism is best, and it will be no problem going forward.  Who needs someone who cannot lead by sticking to their principles.

    AMASH BTW.. a best bet in the future..  Mark my words.

    Thanks Kevin (none / 0) (#2)
    by grannynanny on Mon Jan 03, 2011 at 06:43:11 PM EST
    I really do admire Michelle Bachman because she talks the talk and walks the walk - and loves her country.  We need more people like her representing us.  

    That said - our new wishy washy governor could stand to take a few lessons from Ms. Bachman.

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