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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Amash Should Be Primaried - Part III

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 12:18:55 AM EST
    Tags: fear, GOP, Primaries, Elite, Establishment, Ideas, Conservatives, Republicans, Strength, Weakness, Electability, Sporting, Membership, Excitement (all tags)

    Part III Whew.

    Welcome back.  Its part III.  And while Justin Amash may or may not "deserve" to be primaried, maybe its not such a bad idea. Right?

    Anyhow, I don't like to simply complain about things for which I have no answer. Though I may sometimes do so, its just not constructive.

    The bottom line is that with the way long time party elites, and the fresh stock of activists often clash, we have a dysfunctional mess.  Yes we all work together until at least one side is satisfied that there is no more advantage in doing so.  A situation that offers less opportunity for growth and advancement of either continuing political domination by the party power brokers OR for the strength of message that comes with core principled positions.  neither side winds up the winner for any longer term.  And it was only under the intense pressure of the circumstances that gave us the Tea Party, activist conservatives, and constitutional types which are willing to put up with the intense political bigotry found with the old guard.

    If the party elite has not figured it out, most of those new political activists don't really care about party dominance. Its more of a means to end the disregard of our constitution and traditional values.  They simply want their voices back and want to be heard.  Most would likely be perfectly happy watching professional politicos straighten it up.

    If only they would.

    There IS a way to satisfy all sides. There is a way in which the 'elite' within the party lose nothing, gain the help needed to enhance party dominance, risk little in trust built relationships, and see better results out of government.  All the while, new activists and party members are able to influence, assist, and return the party to the rule of law principles the very name 'Republican' originates. And it compromises no one's principles or desires for equal opportunity.

    I have stated or at least alluded to the concerns  either interest has. For the established members, its loss of power, both in the ranks occupying congress, and influence among local and state parties. For the 'insurgent' membership, it is the inability to wield influence in who represents true Republican and conservative principles.  Suspicions for the end result of either desire, making one side or the other incompatible.

    Not exactly the way to build a successful party.

    Finished below ~

    Its WHY Republican leadership needs to embrace a radical change in the way it approaches elections. It needs to adopt something that is already happening more naturally, as patience wears thin in each new election cycle. Patience  thinning and wearing away the tenuous bonds some moderate party members have with those who have a firmer principled grounding.

    Republicans need to institutionalize the primary process.

    Not just embrace it, but capitalize on it, use it as an interest generator, a message delivery service, and a trust builder. Make it something no race can do without.  Make it something no race would WANT to do without. Take an outside of the box look at a competition that is very serious indeed, but has room for improvement.

    Every Republican partisan campaign, from county commission to Presidential aspiration could create a voting atmosphere worthy of audience.  Audience previously disregarded, and sucked into the resignation that they can have no affect on policy, or how a candidate performs in office.

    With an institutionalized primary, debates become fundraisers. Fanaticism is enhanced.  More participation can happen, and it is at the level the participants feel comfortable.  Incumbents are separated from the teat of lobbyist benefactors and influences, and brought home to face tough love if needed.  Winning is actually accomplished by doing what the candidate is supposed to do.  If  an incumbent forgets how, they lose their seat.

    No party loyalties prevent the 'unwanted' from getting into the races.  In fact, it helps the powers that be attenuate the hurt one candidate might feel when his position is being sought by a dissatisfied  challenger.  In fact, the onus is on the party to find suitable candidates to continue raising the bar.  More and better discussion breeds better ideas.  Better ideas bring better representation and better government.

    Better government that is run by Republicans with solid Republican values, guarantees  long term dominance by a reborn and principles driven party.

    Embrace the primary. Use it as a trust builder.

    Seek candidates actively, with even an opportunity to insert favored candidates as well.

    Use debate for building statewide party finances and public exposure. Exposure of better ideas and inclusion.

    As a regular expected part of the process, it would be less stressful within the party.  As an expected part of the process, external influences would keep leaders more consistent and trustworthy.

    Friends compete.  Opponents STAY friends


    We can continue to watch the cyclical resurrections of wishy washy presumptive leaders, and failure to maintain strong participation year to year.

    And we have seen the challenges that need to be made, and are indeed spawning from our own ranks. Our government grows unchecked as there is no need for the VIPs who find themselves surrounded by the establishment wagons to make any course corrections, from whatever it is THEY consider to be conservative.

    Indeed, blood sucking insects prosper in stagnant pools.

    However, the truly contrite and "renewed" might still be great servants to the cause. If given a choice.

    I leave you with this:

    I confirmed tonight that Dan Benishek will NOT be challenged by Larry Inman for the Michigan first congressional district.  His reasons are sound, and his alternate course is to face off with moi for the 6th district county commission seat.  His resume dressed as a press release describes his vast experience in county government.  It also describes that with associated agencies, committees, and groups that never existed prior to the incredible modern growth of government.

    So let the primary commence, and the debate begin.

    Oh, and somebody let me know when the Amash Debate is going to be, so I can have the seat cushion and noisemaker ready.  Who's selling tickets?

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    This would be the ideal. (none / 0) (#1)
    by maidintheus on Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 06:54:39 AM EST
    Without ideals we can't even have a decent ball game. So at the risk of complaining without answers, if they would just listen and put the country before self.

    The problem with primaries (none / 0) (#2)
    by Bruce on Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 08:45:18 AM EST
    Jason, your frustration lies with the lies coming out of primaries.  Candidates state their positions and, when elected, forget their positions.  Game the system is the strategy.

    Perhaps each candidate should write down their positions on key issues and along with that provide an undated letter of resignation stating that they have ignored their campaign positions and cannot, in good conscience, continue as a representative of the people based on a falsehood.

    A bit harsh perhaps, but a resignation as such would only have to be accepted a few times before politicians got the message.  Sort of like serving at the pleasure of the President, but this is serving at the pleasure of the People.

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