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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Nice Try

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 09:30:37 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Dele-Gate, D.Inks, Conservatism, Young Minds of Mush, Bill Buckley, Ronald Reagan, Goldwater (all tags)

    For about the 100th time.

    Self described moderates complain after every 'surprising' loss that the conservatives are chasing them out of the party.  Often that nonsequitor is used to explain the loss, and make themselves feel better for having no core foundation.

    The side bar (hash tag #RightMi) had a real winner link to a story by a recent teenager with all the answers to our current political problems. His premise is essentially, that anything Bill Buckley Jr. has said, is correct, and applicable to our current election results.  Specifically noting the "Buckley Rule" of selecting a winnable candidate, thus advancing conservatism in that manner.  Inks writes:

    "Looking at the past two elections, it seems that the GOP has forgotten the last three words of the Buckley Rule, and it is now costing us elections.

    On the national level, the party primary voters have forced candidates further to the far right on issues that make our candidates undesirable to moderate American voters. During the time he was governor, Mitt Romney had viable, working solutions to health care and environmental problems. "


    So Much Bloviating.

    Inks has adopted the 'loser' posture, where there is nothing to stand for but (what is apparently) the winners position. (even if wrong.) He has twisted a mildly misinterpreted Buckley stance and given new meaning to the word accommodation and capitulation.  Mr Inks should remember in the last century the national socialists were elected as well.  Yes, the winners can be wrong, and standing for something opposite what those 'winners' stand for is unacceptable to this young man.  Buckley's "rule" once again is abused for a squishy position of a milquetoast political wannabe.

    Buckley by the way was one of three, including conservative hero Russell Kirk to convince Barry Goldwater to run for president anyhow. What Buckley hadn't seen coming, was the shift in the way media, and the progressive/socialist training farms known as public schools and universities would through relative shifts, change what is a winning candidate.  The acceptable forum in fact, for Mr. Ink's article we should note, carries a small irony.  

    Continued below.

    The most conservative candidate who could win was not selected.  The middle of the road, shifting chameleon like qualities that are embraced by the moderates who in fact control the mechanics of the selection process, were.  The true conservatives who live, breath and advocate principled conservatism were weeded out by the likes of Inks and his ideological dinosaur brethren holding the reins to the republican party. (For now)

    We all remember THAT.

    And for that particular saga, 11 million Conservative voters sat on their hands.

    Either THAT, or there was fraud.

    Take your pick.

    But to continually defend a non position of shifting apologies to the progressive left? To Win?

    Conservative do have a challenge.  They must overcome the will-to-power of the middle of the picket fence impaled moderates in order to reach those on the other side and reveal the advantages to conservatism.  The apologists in their pretend-to-conservatism, offer a false image, thus confusing those who might be willing to escape the prison and perversion of progressivism. The apologists seek the smaller pond as their stature will never be superior, instead of facing the uncertainty of what a bigger pool of success will bring.

    Yes that was the small fish in a big pond analogy.

    And in the meantime, the rising tides will not come, and all boats remain firmly planted stuck in the muddy bottom.

    And for the hundredth time we must explain why.

    < Thank You | Stolen Faster Than They Can Tax >

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    Gelatinous hermaphroditic Eloi (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 02:54:27 PM EST
    Yannow, 117 years ago, H. G. Wells, wrote of the Millennial generation, and their self-absorbed, lack of parenting skills, birthing machine creators.  It shines through in their indoctrinated values.

    Ronald Reagan once said, "The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor." If the GOP is going to see success in the future, this mentality needs to change.

    It has changed since President Reagan.  Newt is still a Rockefeller at heart disgraced failure that lies about his closeness to President Reagan, so his second affair third wife can peddle kiddie books to dimwits.  H. W. voodooed everyone up the NAFTA, and Climate Change creek without a paddle.  Dubya was such a big spending Big Government train wreck that he lost the GOP controlled House, and the Senate in '06 to the Democrats who ran as fiscal conservatives.  John McRINO, and his butt-boy Lindsey Grahamnesty are still a Democrats best friend.  Untrustworthy Willard, whose pappy hung around with Nelson Rockefeller, who shat in Goldwater's face in 1968 for LBJ, just sunk the GOP battleship with his Ted Kennedy endorsed, and Obama plagiarized pathway to socialized medicine.

    How's that working out for you?

    I would argue that a person who agrees with me 51 percent of the time is an ally, especially if that person can win--and that is what the Buckley Rule is about.

    And, I would argue that the young William Schmuckly who authored such campuscrat stupidity go play Russian roulette with three rounds in the six round chamber along with Bill Buckley's, despicable son Christopher, who endorsed Obama in '08.  Better yet?  I defy anyone to try to run a business where one would know that their employees aren't worth a damn half the time they're on the clock, and then tell me how they don't understand why they went broke.  Think I will show you sympathy?  Sure.  Just don't go getting the fantods when I tell you that you can go find sympathy between sh!t and syphilis in the dictionary.

    There is reason why I provided rope for twInks to run with when asking about poker, and billiards.  It's about vision.  When one looks around the tables, if you don't see the sucker: it is you.

    Frankly, I'm good with what the vision of the D.Inks entitlement generation tells me.  The HotPockets basement brigade will be of service to others... with them either being first crushed by the jackboot, or for providing plump canon fodder.

    What's this far right BS? (none / 0) (#5)
    by Republican Michigander on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 12:39:24 AM EST
    What is this, Brian Dickerson?

    First off, Lugar is not a moderate. He's a liberal and a gun grabber. Mourdock would not have lost either if it wasn't for his big mouth. He wasn't being 'far right' but stupid and incompetent. That has nothing to do with views. Mike Pence had little trouble winning, and he's more conservative than Mourdock. Democrat Joe Donnely was also pro-life.

    Secondly, we've run a moderate in every election since 1988. Bush I, Dole, Bush II (Fiscally), McCain, and Romney. Bush I in 88 and Bush II ran as a conservative, at least in style if not substance. They won. The rest lost.

    If you want to win, run a COMPETENT conservative who is sincere, controls his mouth, and says what he believes in. People respect that, not a slick talking used car salesman where you expect a knife in your back.

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