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    6th District Follies (State Convention)

    By pauldpeterson, Section News
    Posted on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 07:39:16 AM EST
    Tags: corruption, 6th District, convention, state, establishment, liberty (all tags)

    Promoted for the lesson value ~

    Last Friday's 6th District Convention was almost uneventful, and while Liberty Coalition forces were moving in on 6th District management around the edges, the core positions, such as Treasurer, Chair, and Secretary went to establishment moderates. But the corrupt practices came to the fore, and were almost missed. It started when this writer had to make a motion to have the results of the elections be released to us; they started by NOT giving vote totals on the Chair race. (Read on and let your anger mobilize you...)

    The race for Secretary of the 6th District was a 3-way race since a young TEA Partier was also nominated and thought, what the heck, not realizing he was going to siphon 27 votes from the Liberty candidate, Ray Kirkus. The incumbent, Rose Dame, won by 7 votes, and Ray came in second. (Remember, they initially did not want us to know the vote totals.) The results of this election were announced by Joe Hasse as Rose Dame being the winner. However, afterwards we find out that according to the convention rules, in which Robert's Rules of order were to reign for elections, means Joe should have announced the results as a run-off. The parliamentarian, we'll call him "Jason", said nothing. Others on the establishment side said nothing. We'd come to find out that they'd depended upon our ignorance of the rules. OK, we can own that one to a degree; damn us on one point of order we missed. But, does that really excuse or negate the 6th District Chair's duty to responsibly and honorably execute his office? Or for the parliamentarian for that matter? No, it does not, and this is exactly a symptom of WHY it is that people are pissed at the Republican Party, both from inside and out.

    Additionally, we knew something was doubly wrong when we hear that, upon hearing the news that she'd won, Rose Dame said she didn't even know she was running and didn't want the position. Therefore, someone ELSE in the 6th District put her on the ballot, put up her signs, and pushed her candidacy in her absence. We don't even think it makes sense to vote someone into a position if they can't even attend the Convention, which she didn't (this will, hopefully, change). What did the Machine hope to do? Put in a lacky by appointment or just simply conduct meetings with a per meeting appointee puppet? This is how much they must fear us, gang. Both good news and bad as they are dishonored, corrupt, and willing to do the outright unlawful to hold onto their power.

    So how to proceed in grieving this "error". First we are told there are no 6th District rules; they can do what they want. Then we are told there are rules, put out by the rules committee (and a scant few rules at that), yet no one knows who the rules committee are beyond Joe Hasse and "Jason"; and beyond that, there is no evidence that such rules were even passed by the 6th District Committee because there are no rules for doing so. Turns out, the 6th District Committee has been operating as a dictatorship for apparently the entire run of its existence. (This WILL change.)

    The New Chair, Victor Fitz, was helpful, I have to admit, by taking our issues forward. In fact, let me iterate here: He MUST do so and do other things properly if he hopes to save face with the 6th District electorate, delegation, and Liberty Coalition forces. It is he who reached out to us, saying he was with us, even though he's been working with the establishment, as establishment, for his entire career. Yet, we'll give him a chance to do the right thing. After all, his resume indicates he apparently fears God and looks at life with faith in his heart; this has to mean it will show up in his actions. (We'll be watching you closely, Victor.)

    We argued hard and long that it should be Ray's position by default then, since he was the second highest vote-getter, but "Jason" said they'd already certified Rose as they Secretary. (Of course, I asked, show me the rule saying they had the authority to certify someone who had been unlawfully elected by a minority vote; all "Jason" could do is nervously torture a ball of putty as he had no lawful response.) By the end of Saturday, with all the arguing for/against what to do, it seems there will be a 6th District re-do at the first committee meeting for Secretary, but again, that is not set in stone. Last conversation I witnessed between Ray and Victor Fitz was the plan to suspend the 6th District rules at the first committee meeting to conduct a vote on Secretary so they could follow a majority vote (rather than a 2/3's vote) to hold the election again to cover the vacancy. I advise anyone and everyone to attend that meeting to watch the new Chair very, very closely and participate where you can. They had better have a runoff election if they conduct a 3-way vote again, too!

    We can't operate this way as a party, folks. The fact that Robert Schostak has allowed districts operate this way under his watch shows he is part of it, and why I didn't support him, among other reasons. Too bad he couldn't be replaced. What's the point of his ability to raise money if he blows it on ineffective crap? What reason does anyone have to give him any more money for an ineffective party? I wonder how many other districts operate this way?

    We may be in for a bumpy ride, but we need to keep pushing. I think we will achieve victory ultimately, by degrees, as we fight for and win the next hill and the next, until we actually lead the party here and nationally, and then obtain leadership in Congress. The question I have for the Party at this point though is, can we stop the apparent scorched earth policies being followed by the Party and Party leadership on the national stage before the Electorate has lost all confidence in the Republican Party itself as a viable choice come election time? Time will tell, and we need to have a backup plan. I have pushed a resolution addressing this very issue to my operatives out there. (You know who you are!)

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    Well, Paul . . . (none / 0) (#1)
    by Kevin Rex Heine on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 09:42:41 AM EST
    . . . I did point out, all the way back on January 31st, the shenanigans that the blueblood elites would try that very stunt, and that a majority vote was necessary for election.

    However, on the upside, I do know that the liberty movement has achieved "critical mass" on all 14 district committees, and has a majority presence on at least five of them.  The old guard's days are now numbered.

    District Parties (none / 0) (#2)
    by Republican Michigander on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 10:07:35 AM EST
    I don't know much about 6th District. It doesn't sound good there. What I do know is that district committees run the gambit from well run to a giant cluster. What surprised me was that there was such a fight for Secretary. Usually that and treasurer don't get the fights. Chair and at large committee spots do.

    8th was well run. We had rules out and emailed out to a lot of our folks, printed out, and approved. Officers were picked unanimously (No challenges - that was decided awhile back). Counties were split into caucuses for at large for the remaining spots for state committee (Oakland had only contest) and at large district committee. Oakland and Livingston had caucuses there. We went with paper ballot for our remaining six (State committee was unopposed in my county, and chairs are automatic to district - leaving 6 spots)and had neutral tellers. Livingston has a strong tea party, and had two tea party leaders who won without any controversy.

    """The fact that Robert Schostak has allowed districts operate this way under his watch shows he is part of it, and why I didn't support him, among other reasons.""

    Schostak has no say in that matter. That's district, not state. I doubt he follows what some district committee does outside of possibly his own. District parties are their own committees with their own structure, own bank accounts and campaign finance filings. I'm treasurer of 8th. Who's in charge of the money there? Me. Not Schostak.

    Now, I think the big difference between my area and some areas out west are the tactics of the tea parties. There isn't a lot of hostility to local tea parties here (Can't speak for elsewhere). There isn't hostility to RLC (I was a past member) as long as the R part is there. There IS a lot of hostility to C4L and that is due to the Gary Johnson (or nobody but Paul) campaign from some of their supporters. Compounding that, at least in Livingston - many of the C4L precinct delegates ran for office as Capital L Libertarians against us (which obviously burned any bridges remaining), and another precinct delegate is the head of the local or state LP. That is a big source of the hostility that goes and keeps a lot of the more conservative members of the establishment from not supporting members of what you call the "liberty coalition." Running in primaries is one thing. Running in generals against republicans is a whole other matter. Might as well be a dem at that point.

    Somebody probably said it best and I differentiate between Ron Paul Republicans (that don't defect to Johnson) and the Johnson types. Ron Paul supporting Republicans - who are republicans - have been some of the first to volunteer. Two of them got on our executive committee which has a strong anti-LP view right now. They got on because they worked. Gary Johnson people aren't Republicans, and demand all the power in the Republican party.  

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