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    Tag: establishment

    6th District Follies (State Convention)

    By pauldpeterson, Section News
    Posted on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 07:39:16 AM EST
    Tags: corruption, 6th District, convention, state, establishment, liberty (all tags)

    Promoted for the lesson value ~

    Last Friday's 6th District Convention was almost uneventful, and while Liberty Coalition forces were moving in on 6th District management around the edges, the core positions, such as Treasurer, Chair, and Secretary went to establishment moderates. But the corrupt practices came to the fore, and were almost missed. It started when this writer had to make a motion to have the results of the elections be released to us; they started by NOT giving vote totals on the Chair race. (Read on and let your anger mobilize you...)

    (6 comments, 1093 words in story) Full Story

    Tea Party Versus Establishment Senate Candidates

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 02:02:10 AM EST
    Tags: Tea Party, establishment, US Senate (all tags)

    One of the arguments you often hear against the Tea Party from liberals and establishment Republicans is that Tea Party candidates cost Republicans control of the US Senate.  But does this claim stand up to scrutiny?  Let's examine race-by-race to determine whether it is true.

    (5 comments, 1039 words in story) Full Story

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Send In The Clowns

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Sat Jun 02, 2012 at 09:05:40 AM EST
    Tags: Thaddeus McCotter, Fred Upton's Republican Main Street Partnership Member, Auto Bailout, Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act, HR 3936 Union Pension Bailout, Union Shill, Bogus Fiscal Conservative, Pompous Ass, Indistinguishable Center-Left, Book Tours on PAC money, 2012 distraction, Congress, Republican Primary, CD11, Incumbent Mentality, Loren Bennet, Dick Posthumus, MI-GOP Establishment, Rocky Raczkowski, Bill Runco, Bobby Schostak, Sharon Wise, Establishment, Responsibility, Signatures, Ruth Johnson, Bill Schuette, The Basics, Former AG Mike Cox, Tea Party, Kerry Bentivolio (all tags)

    No joke.  Dick Posthumus' decade old Lt. gov running mate just announced he's going write-in.

    Yannow, with all the light that is being shined on the incumbent mentality within the Party establishment, they really are starting to make the AGW zealots and Earth Day kooks look a lot less insane by comparison.

    This is all the more reason why I'd vote for Kerry Bentivolio.

    Send Kerry a few jingle$ if you can, folks.  The Party is stacking the deck against him.

    (1 comment) Comments >>

    It's either fraud or massive incompetence and either one should be fatal running for Congress

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Thu May 31, 2012 at 10:46:53 AM EST
    Tags: Thaddeus McCotter, Fred Upton's Republican Main Street Partnership Member, Auto Bailout, Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act, HR 3936 Union Pension Bailout, Union Shill, Bogus Fiscal Conservative, Pompous Ass, Indistinguishable Center-Left, Book Tours on PAC money, 2012 distraction, Congress, Republican Primary, CD11, Rocky Raczkowski, Bill Runco, Bobby Schostak, Sharon Wise, Establishment, Responsibility, Signatures, Ruth Johnson, Bill Schuette, The Basics, Former AG Mike Cox, Tea Party, Kerry Bentivolio (all tags)

    Attaboy, Mike.  That's the "rules matter" Jarhead that folk like and respect.

    via The Detroit News

    "No one has heard of anything so over the top before," echoed former Republican Attorney General Mike Cox. He added: "To have really overt massive potential fraud is really very unusual."

    Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's office had turned over preliminary findings to Attorney General Bill Schuette's office, which won't comment. But Cox said investigators have tools working in their favor -- a stack of paper evidence, names and signatures of circulators and the power of an investigative subpoena to compel circulators to talk.

    "Ruth and Bill are going to have to go to where the facts go, whether that leads them to (McCotter's staff) or to Thad," said Cox, who said he won't run as a write-in for the McCotter seat. He said his family and the McCotters are close, but now he is for "anybody but Thad."


    But for nominating petition fraud, the sanctions spelled out in Michigan's election law are misdemeanors.

    Someone who signs another's name on a petition, makes a false statement, or signs a petition as a circulator who is not faces up to a $500 fine and 93 days in jail.

    Additionally, if the candidate or a petition circulator knew of such petition fraud and didn't report it to authorities, he is guilty of misdemeanor punishable by up to a $500 fine and one year imprisonment, under the law.

    Rest here

    Isn't that just lovely?  Bottom line: We have a smarmy, career DC politico doofus from his specially redrawn District-11 who is now wasting our tax dollars on a misdemeanor witch-hunt that he is responsible for creating.

    Thanks, Thad.

    (10 comments) Comments >>

    You Really Messed Up McCotter

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue May 29, 2012 at 09:51:26 PM EST
    Tags: Thaddeus McCotter, Congress, Republican Primary, CD11, Kerry Bentivolio, Rocky Raczkowski, Bill Runco, Establishment, Tea Party, Responsibility, Signatures, The Basics (all tags)

    While we enjoy a primary like no other, at least you could have gotten yourself on the ballot properly.

    Damn shame to throw away such a remarkable career, and then like chasing your last dollar bill over the rails of a bridge you take the leap. An Angel named Clarence isn't going to help as all the world becomes a little different Thad.  

    So much for dignity.

    Its an amazing thing how someone can get so smug that he allows the simplest part of his campaign to slip out from under him.  Signatures.  A thousand legitimate freaking signatures.  And then to say "the buck stops here", yet pretend that he is too loved to accept the situation as it is. In "You clean up your own mess" McCotter says:

    "Having promised people I would seek another term in the United States Congress and, thereby, give them the chance to vote for or against me, the only way to clean up my mess is to run a write-in campaign for the Republican nomination for Michigan's 11th Congressional District.

    This I'm doing."

    Is that how he cleans up a mess?

    Folks, it ain't spilt TEA here.  That pot is brewing and hot, and quite full yet.  Its the drunk on power embarrassment factor on full display.  Grapes all over the floor, stains and all.

    More below the fold. ~

    (6 comments, 952 words in story) Full Story

    And Their Heads Will Explode In

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Feb 28, 2012 at 03:53:27 PM EST
    Tags: Republicans, Democrats, Snyder, Romney, Santorum, Hypocrites, Suck It Up Sunshine, Elite, Establishment, RINOs Crying FOUL (all tags)

    3 .. 2 .. 1.

    From MLIVE a couple years ago:

    "The Rick Snyder for Governor campaign today appealed directly to independents and Democrats to vote in the GOP primary Aug. 3, laying bare what has been a quiet strategy from the beginning.

    With former Congressman Joe Schwarz leading the charge, the campaign unveiled the web site CommonSenseforMichigan.com, calling it "an unprecedented grassroots effort reaching voters who have not traditionally voted in Republican primaries." The site also promises Snyder is the one candidate who can bridge the political divide.

    Uh yeah..

    So, Dave Camp?  Saul Anuzis?  And those of you in the Republican Elite circling your wagons around your chosen son?  Where were you then?


    Nowhere to be found.

    (19 comments) Comments >>

    Powerful ad

    By JGillman, Section Multimedia
    Posted on Mon Feb 27, 2012 at 10:47:08 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Primaries, Republicans, Romney, Santorum, Establishment (all tags)

    I gotta tell you THIS ad (H/T KRH) is powerful.

    Well done.

    (8 comments) Comments >>

    The Long Tuesday

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Feb 24, 2012 at 10:01:38 AM EST
    Tags: Long Tuesday, Michigan, Primaries, Republicans, Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, Establishment, Tea, More Tea (all tags)

    Its Tuesday.

    Starting today, all hands are on deck for either Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum in Michigan.  Its been a long time where the Republican presidential primary contest has mattered so much to one or the other candidate. Newt and Paul have no chance according to initial polling, but the statistical deadlock makes every effort toward influencing our voters that much more important. A loss here for Mitt means he will have to have to reassess his presumed plan in life, and perhaps add a "plan-B".  A win for Rick solidifies the growth of support experienced after the "beauty contests" a couple weeks ago.

    Mitt and Rick are hitting the state hard. To be sure,  surrogates are moving about as well. Including the hectic activity by Super-pacs in the near constant advertising around our local and cable news shows. Romney will be in Traverse City on Sunday, is touring the state and Santorum has already started appearing at southern Michigan spots, and there is a Susan B Anthony list Bus tour out stumping for him.

    One would expect Romney to be faring better in Michigan, his home state.  

    Especially considering all of the top name advocacy; Snyder, Schuette, Kahn (the guy who sold out to forced unionism), Richardville (the guy who has Kahn's back)Congressman Dan Benishek, 1st District, Congressman Bill Huizenga, 2nd District, Congressman Dave Camp, 4th District, Congressman Fred Upton, 6th District, Congressman Tim Walberg, 7th District, Congressman Mike Rogers, 8th District, Congressman Thad McCotter, 11th District, etc etc. etc.

    If Romney loses in Michigan, the super Tuesday event could be scary for the blueblood Rs.  It may mean there are folks are vulnerable to primary activity if running for their next terms.  It means Republican voters are not going to fall in line so easily and might be willing to look at challengers from outside the establishment prescribed choices.

    Its a good sign.

    Tuesday has started, but the voting begins here.

    (16 comments) Comments >>

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