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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Flowers for AlgerRon

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Wed Aug 14, 2013 at 01:45:45 PM EST
    Tags: Rand Paul 'alternative' Bail Out?, WTF?, City of Detroit, Progressive's Utopia, JoAnn Watson, Squatters, Chill spot, Smoke some weed, Ronulans, Justin Amash, Obamacare, Michigan, Medicaid Expansion, One Term Nerd, Brian Calley, Senate vote, Slick Rick, Governor Snyder, The Flim-Flam Man, Corporate Welfare, Bobby ShowStak, Mandated Healthy Lifestyles, Brothers Keeper, Welfare, Rules, Crime, No Shame in Ilitch's Game, Government, Constitution, Defender Award, I repeat... 'Defender Award'!?!?!, In God We Trust, Grandstanding, Liberaltarians, poisoning the party brand, 'Scotty' Boman, Leon Drolet, Mike 'I evolved' Cox, Scarlet Letters, Log Cabins, Lennox, Lickspittle Lackeys, Inkerbell, rdww, Peter Pan, Dumb Things Youngsters Do, Perverts, GoProud, Sodomites, Homosexuals, Elections, 2014, Natural Law, God, Grassroots, TEA movement, Principles, Conservative, Values, endowed by their Creator, A Republic if you can keep it, #BraveWithDave (all tags)

    Was away from everything news related for the past few days, and not to be surprised with my return to an interesting blurb in mLive the other day (Nope. Not linking to them) that it is still SSDD in the sociopathic world of politics.

    "The emergency manager has met with the White House and members of the state's congressional delegation, and these meetings focused on how the federal government can assist in Detroit's restructuring," said Orr's spokesperson Bill Nowling in an email message. "At each of those meetings it was made clear that a federal bailout is not a possibility."

    Let that sink in.

    Nobody is interested in bailing out LBJ's "model city" Detroit.  N-O-B-O-D-Y.  Sure, the Congressional Black Caucus has gone whining to race-baiter-in-chief, president Odowngrade², with JoAnn's "bring home some bacon" meme, but that narrative is as common as the sun rising in the East.  Besides, preezy Soetoro's agenda is already booked with making this entire nation look like Detoilet, so, how in the Hell can he bail out Detoilet?  Barry can't.  All of D.C. knows that bailing out Detoilet is opening Pandora's box.  Think Killadelphia isn't just around the corner on going teats up?  Think again.  It is poison for the Democratic Socialist Party in 2014 as much as implementing Obummercare is, and completely lethal for Hillary PUMA's in 2016.  Don't even go there about BJ and Mrs. Secretary Benghazi - they know damn well they've got damage control issues on their hands.

    However, click on the Full Story button.  I want you all to meet a very real-life Charlie Gordon character from Daniel Keyes' award winning short story.

    mLive interlinked a story from Politiho (Nope.  Not linking to that Lefty bent site either).  

    Sen. Rand Paul says he's developing a Republican alternative to any plan to bail out Detroit after the city became the largest in America to file for bankruptcy protection.

    "I've been talking with my staff about having a Republican alternative to it, because if there is a way in an economically depressed zone to have some tax forbearance, reduce some taxes,  encourage businesses, [Snip]

    Whoa!  I've seen the Republican 'alternative' instead of facing the music in action before - all 3 pages.  No thanks.  Now the cheap hippie Liberaltarian Party faction infiltrating "Team R" wants to propose a non-bail out bail-out for Detoilet?  Where is this bloviating flip-flopper coming from?  What happened to the "Over my dead body," Mr. Filibluster?  Tax forbearance?  Yep, Detoilet has that - they're called deadbeats.  More tax breaks rewarding decades of Progressive failure?  WTF!  Besides, it's glaringly obvious that Rand hasn't a clue on how Rick Michigan's Nerdpublican majority operate with choosing "forbearance" or, he's pandering for attention.  No, I haven't forgotten the Nerdpublican Tax Hike, either.

    encourage people to come in and take abandoned property," the Kentucky Republican told Glenn Beck on Beck's radio show on Tuesday, when asked about the possibility of Congress pursuing a Detroit bailout. [Snip]

    Take abandoned property?  Yep, Detoilet has an abundance of that even when it isn't abandoned, too.  Now, here comes the real comedic gold...

    Paul said he would not support borrowing money to bail out the city, but he did suggest taking money sent to aid Egypt and investing that in infrastructure in the United States. [Snip]

    BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  As if the monies building up the mooslime brohood's caliphate isn't borrowed to begin with.  Get serious.  No way in Hell would that get through the Senate let alone the Oval Office.  But wait! Here comes the 24kt. comedy nugget the size of Kentucky...

    Calling bankruptcy an "opportunity" to "start out afresh," Paul said it also may be time for Detroit's citizens to seek out new politics.

    "Maybe the people who have been voting for the Democrats for 50 years in Detroit, who ran the once-great city into the ground, maybe they choose some new leadership, and the Republican Party would have a resurgence in Detroit. ... But that may be wishful thinking," Paul said.

    Then JSTFU, Rand.  Wishful thinking?  {facepalm}  Puh-lease.  There inlays the problem with the interloping LP's inside the GOP "big tent".  They play both sides i.e., McRINO's and Obozo's, against the Conservatives.  No, not just the so-called "Social" Conservatives.  One is either a Conservative or, they are not.  The rest of the Bill Schmuckly chattering class invented prefixes can be placed along side the unicorn in my garage.

    Case in point.  Notice no comment here.  For good reason.  Why would I care about a drama queen taxpayer employed campuscrat Lefty who is all gung-ho for legalizing Sodomite marriage getting detained in Detoilet?

    "My requests for water were repeatedly rejected as I became faint."

    Good Lord!  What a nauseating queef.  Did they take away the barrette for the ponytail too, "Scotty"?  Oh h e double hockey sticks noes.  Nice lisp there too, Bo[w]man.

    Where are real men like Alan Keyes when these cheap hippie party Neo-Libs work against everything that is good about America, and Conservatism?  Oh! They're still there, alright.  They're everywhere.  It's just those who aren't Conservative do not tolerate any differing opinion.  See, ankle-biter Brad Fingerpoop, Mike "I have become more libertarian" Cox, and Leon Drolet, about that Bee-esS.

    Truth.  One cannot possibly be ALL THINGS without ultimately standing for nothing.

    Ya, ya, ya... but he's a staunch constitutionalist, CS.  Maybe, and maybe the fact is - not so much.  Either way, the disciples of deity Ronulan more often than not work the same side of the tracks with those who are destructive to this state and nation - remain the fringe cult they are - and then they wonder why.

    Bottom line.  Rand just placed yet another seven leaf jokesmoke flower on his toying with 2016.

    < With the guy who Holds the Deciding Vote on Medicaid Expansion in Michigan? | Transparency: NERD Fund is Drying up >

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    Good news - Tourettes can be treated! (none / 0) (#1)
    by rdww on Thu Aug 15, 2013 at 09:16:48 AM EST
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