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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Because Leopards Change Their Spots

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Wed Aug 21, 2013 at 10:17:19 AM EST
    Tags: Transparency, Slick Rick, Mr. 36%, Snyder, The Flim-Flam Man, Andy Dillon, Miles Handy, Wayne County Corruption Lives On, Robert Ficano, The Ed McNamara Machine, Mike Duggan, NERD Fund, Rich Baird, Kevyn Orr, Detroit, Michigan Democratic Party, Obama, Julianna Smoot & Lon Johnson, Unions, AstroTurf, Thugs, Bullies, SB-992, Bobby ShowStak, Republican kakistocracy, Grand Rapids Power Brokers, Feral Government, Rodney Stokes, Strange bedfellows, The alleged right shoe smells just as bad as the Left, Wayne County Business Development Corporation, Laura Cox, John Rakolta Jr, AG Bill Shuette, Mitt Romney, 11th District Republican Star Chamber, Mike Cox, memory holes, TEA Movement, One Term Nerd (all tags)

    Germans have the coolest words for such things involving the Rick Snyder experiment.  For example, take the self-invented Nerd persona's selection for state Treasurer.

    Pure Schadenfreude.

    Dillon has acknowledged a bout with alcoholism while being the governor's point man for handling financially distressed cities and school districts.

    But now the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office is considering a domestic assault charge against Dillon stemming from a July 13 confrontation with his ex-wife, Carol Owens-Dillon, at their Redford Township home.

    Dillon, a former Democratic speaker of the state House of Representatives, and the Snyder administration are not answering questions about his alleged actions.

    "We do not believe it is appropriate to respond to speculation," Snyder spokesman Dave Murray said Tuesday in a statement. "Gov. Snyder believes Treasurer Dillon is doing a good job on behalf of the people of Michigan."

    Again, zero transparency from Rick Snyder.  Sure Dave Murray, we little people "believe" you too.  Just try boozing as a "point man" in the Private Sector, and see how long it takes to be shown the door.  And, this is a so-called Executive's decision?  Amazing.  Fact remains that Rick Snyder owns that appointment, and isn't man enough to deal with his can of worms - but, he'll have to before long.  There's more...

    "Treasurer Dillon is in the office and on the job every day, working diligently as always for the people of the State of Michigan," spokesman Terry Stanton said in an email. "Any personal issues he is working through have not, in any way, affected his performance as State Treasurer."

    12 years of taxpayer funded professional turd polishing just can't be wrong, yes?  Survey says...

    A Wayne County Family Court judge has issued a mutual restraining order against Dillon and his ex-wife after they filed competing personal protection orders against each other.

    The acrimony stems from a July 13 incident at the Dillon residence in Redford Township where Carol Owens-Dillon alleges her ex-husband hired a tow truck driver to break into a vehicle she was driving that contained her divorce files. In court records, Owens-Dillon claims she had "racially-charged text messages" in the file that she intended to deliver to Snyder.

    D'oh!  Really.  Who could've foreseen the years of dysfunction that Andy Dillon, would bring to an alleged Republican administration?  Hmmm, I wonder...

    As J-man, eloquently states... "The interwebs are FOREVER!!!"

    Need a tow truck driver, Andy?  I can see where over a few brews how your buddy Miles still got your back in Redford Township, bro.

    Yup.  "Oh, yeah, tell Tracey to suck my c*@%".  Dillon's peeps.  Yes, that is just a few examples of the Mark Brewer baton passing to Lon Johnson and Julianna Smoot's Obama White House UAW Michigan Democratic Party members in action.

    Unfortunately, all the MI-GOP bootlickers endorsed Rick Snyder to smear Lon's people on Conservatives.  In effect, the Rick Snyder administration is stating for Andy Dillon by public relations telling us taxpayers, "Oh, yeah, you all can suck Rick's c*@%".

    Never gonna happen.

    As of this writing, two options here for me.  If the MI-GOP machination under leadership of Bobby ShowStak (see at 13:23) is dense enough to foist Rick Snyder upon the voting public for a second term, I will either not vote for the governor position on the ballot or, most likely, I will vote for an abject failure the likes of vanilla-boy Mark Schauer, just to oust Rick Snyder's duplicitous nasty-ass.

    Nut up or, forever shut up, Legislature.

    OABTW, to Mr. DeVos' professional hack behind Party scenes, you can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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