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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Is Jiminy Cricket a Marxist?

    By retvet242, Section News
    Posted on Mon Sep 02, 2013 at 10:02:05 AM EST
    Tags: Agenda 21, property rights, New World Order, Orlando (all tags)

    Stay with me here...I just got back from the AFP conferences in Orlando...After just one day there, my mental peripheral vision kept telling me something was definitely amiss...I hate these `mental tropical storms', and by Saturday; day two; I had it nailed down...Orlando IS Disney's "Magic Kingdom" in practice...

    As a kid, the Disney program was a required staple on the `must watch' menu of TV programming at our house...I have long since viewed television as the "Greatest Generations" electronic `babysitter', and it remains so today; along with Xbox, Gameboys, Nintendo, etc...and now SmartPhones...Walt Disney was a genius, taking an entire generation into his vision of fantasy/reality futuristic view of how life; and the world; could be if we could just all "get along"...He did this through the children, and took their parents with them...

    We dutifully watched the movies as youngsters...The Saturday Disney matinees at the local movie house were required viewing in our home and a break for Mom and Dad; dropping three, and then four kids off at the marquee with five bucks and instructions on how much candy, pop and popcorn we could have during the afternoon's movie fest...Snow White, Cinderella, Fantasia, Mickey, Goofy and the rest were all programmed into our young minds...Jiminy was, of course, that `little voice' in the back of your mind that issued words of occasional caution when faced with a moral dilemma...He was there on my shoulder all weekend...

    I remember as a boy hearing on the radio the announcement of Disney's plans for Disneyworld...Building a huge commercial entertainment `city' in the middle of a swamp had everyone in the `real world' thinking Walt was not right in the head...That kind of capital investment was a financial risk even the boldest of Wall Street types could not comprehend undertaking...Mr. Disney had other ideas though; here, using mostly his own money, he could plan, build, and operate nearly unrestricted by any government interference...After all, the amount of money he was spending was enough to silence any and all critics of the undertaking...So he did...

    Not that Disney did anything blatantly wrong in building his dream park, in the contrary; this was his chance to demonstrate to the world his `vision' of the future; and make money while doing so...Monorails, Tomorrowland, 360 theater, and his own on site hotel encapsulated the perfect family style entertainment vacation...All he needed next was infrastructure access...Orlando provided the perfect base of operations for the required necessary infrastructure to ensure a steady stream of visitors to his park...The airport and highway systems were built to accommodate Disneyworld...This is exactly what Jiminy was trying to tell me, from the moment we got off the plane, the atmosphere was "Welcome to Disneyworld"...I was already in "The Magic Kingdom"...

    That brings us to Universal Studios, and the rest of this story...We were booked into the Portofino Bay hotel, a Loews Hotel chain operation with an Italian Villa motif...Universal took the Disneyworld model and duplicated it using the same `self contained'  vision of the guests vacation experience...AFP used the Loews hotels as their base of operations, with the Right Online group in the Portofino, and the Defending The Dream group in the Royal Pacific...Mind you, I'm not going to complain about an all expense paid weekend in a five star hotel, but it was discomforting the longer I was there and looked around...The feeling was the same one I had at the airport, "Welcome to Universal Studios"...We were staying in an artificial reality, and it kept nagging at me...Jiminy was now dancing on my shoulder, but I hadn't yet made the ultimate connection...

    The conferences held my attention for most of Friday and Saturday, conservative speakers and  panelists from all over the country were difficult to sort out and choose from; so much important information presented at two locations simultaneously presented us with a problem that could only be resolved with a game plan of our own...We split up the programs to ensure we didn't duplicate our efforts to absorb as much as possible...Our room became simply a place to sleep and check e-mail, and plan our next events...During any breaks we had, I began exploring the hotel and grounds, observing everything I could about not only the hotel, but the complex that it was `contained' in...You could get anywhere you wished, free of charge, within the complex...Like Disneyworld, we were in another artificial reality...Jiminy was beating on the ear with his umbrella...

    Friday evening was the "Party in the Park"...The Marvel Island theme park was closed down to accommodate the AFP convention folks for a night of awards, speeches, and partying on the park grounds; with free rides and a DJ blasting out dance tunes in front of the Spiderman exhibit hall...Michelle Malkin was the featured speaker of the evening, 2,500 people packed the arena, and were then turned loose in the park...Jiminy had finally made his point; we were all living in a comic book...I took this feeling back to the hotel with me, and looked around again with this thought in mind...

    Saturday morning I had breakfast (a fruit plate and coffee) in the perfectly manicured courtyard outside the meeting rooms...The hotel staff was never far away, the plants and shrubbery all meticulously manicured and properly place and spaced for seclusion and quiet...Everything about the hotel and grounds `encapsulated' one in that particular moment...It was unnerving...I took it to the next level and revisited the hotel and grounds completely, each floor and courtyard gave me the same surreal feeling, it was `manufactured' reality...

    I had mentioned my apprehension on several occasions to Jason (my roommate for the conference)  and once the conference had concluded Saturday afternoon, we took our rental car out of the hotel lot for the first time all weekend to have dinner outside the `bubble' of the hotel and Universal complex...What we found was more of the `planned' city of Orlando...We started actually looking for the Agenda 21 markers that constituted `planned communities' and `form based zoning'; they were everywhere...Jiminy Cricket had `morphed' into the "New World Order", and THAT was what had been nagging at me all weekend...Disneyworld had engulfed the city of Orlando; and, being virtually built from the swamp up, was the perfect place to begin the execution of the planned cities of the United Nations vision of the future of humanity...Welcome to Orlando, the new "Magic Kingdom"...

    < Devos Wins AFP Foundation 'Washington Award' | From the Nightmare...to the "Dream"... >

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    Not sure about 'marxist', On the contrary (none / 0) (#1)
    by JGillman on Mon Sep 02, 2013 at 10:31:06 AM EST
    It was all "you get what you pay for" capitalism. The incredible service no matter where you went, the opulent luxury, and 6 out of 5 stars for the resort and its ability to provide a promised result for a few extra shekels.

    The gist of your piece is more obvious to me as e talked about this quite a bit.  It was that the real feel of the artificial city was that of a planned to the nth degree environment. A place that had so many of the same markers and identifiers with today's urban planners of A21 policy. And one that you pay to get in, and pay to get out.

    And it was kind of creepy.

    The casual reader should know that it is Orlando itself that shows this over planning 'theme', and not the respective commercial institutions within it.  The 'bio-dome' only works because of those institutions and the incredible amount of revenue they generate.

    The fact they might not be allowed to exist in other communities outside of Orlando might be a more interesting aspect of A21 and associated plans to note.

    Just had to get it out of my head (none / 0) (#2)
    by retvet242 on Mon Sep 02, 2013 at 10:43:01 AM EST
    We both saw first hand a 'manufactured' city of the future...wonder what their zoning laws and codes look like???...I was not denigrating the Loews chain or the hotel and staff itself, just commenting on the 'creepiness' you referred to...It haunted me all weekend to the point where I awoke this morning with the blog title on my lips at 6 a.m....

    That side of Florida...perhaps. (none / 0) (#3)
    by KG One on Mon Sep 02, 2013 at 11:42:00 AM EST
    But the same cannot hold true for the rest of Florida.

    I just got back from a run to St. Pete & Plant City on Saturday.

    If there was any rhyme or reason to the zoning of the cities that I had driven through (and the numerous pockets of apparently perpetual road construction projects on I-4 & I-75), I've yet to decipher it.

    Streets, strip malls, restaurants, gas stations, other small businesses and whole neighborhoods were all a mish-mash in where and how they were laid out.

    No signs of A-21 there.

    The Orlando Area, I can see.

    That part of the state has been on the drawing board for decades.

    But getting the rest of the state to follow that program...good luck on that.

    AFP (none / 0) (#5)
    by NorthernMichFan on Mon Sep 02, 2013 at 04:35:54 PM EST
    I'm going to frame this post. It is so funny it's hard to describe in words the irony.

    So the AFP convention was a carefully orchestrated lala land bursting at the seams with finely tuned speeches and canned messaging to have it's attendees frothing at the mouth with outrage and discontent. But you are worried about Orlando and the big bad UN's agenda 21?

    A reader would have to be insane if they read this post and took away anything but laughter. I for one have to wonder if the author is in on the joke.

    AFP is jimmy the cricket and their agenda might not be numbered 21 but it is too keep the masses, you, outraged and making sure they monetarily gain or get more sway in the plush padded rooms of Washington by claiming they have a brainwashed army.

    Enjoy the kool-aid but I heard a rumor from a "patriot" it might be brewed by the UN AHHHHH!!! They might be after our guns AHHHHH! AFP told me so. AHHHHH!!! Hurry buy tickets to their conference and give money to this group and go to this sham event. AHHHHH!!!

    • Pssst! by Corinthian Scales, 09/02/2013 06:05:21 PM EST (none / 0)
      • pstttt by NorthernMichFan, 09/02/2013 07:34:42 PM EST (none / 0)
        • Look d!ckhead, GFY by Corinthian Scales, 09/02/2013 08:17:40 PM EST (none / 0)
          • pstttt by NorthernMichFan, 09/02/2013 08:27:59 PM EST (none / 0)
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