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    Tag: Jack Hoogendyk

    Selling Stupid

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 09:20:29 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Jack Hoogendyk, Madison Project, Lipstick On A Pig, HB4714, Euphemisms, Selling Stupid, Whats In A Name (all tags)

    There is an art in selling that, which on its face, is crap.

    Jack Hoogendyk, highlights some contemporary examples of how some politicians reach the truly ignorant among us .. and themselves.  

    Politicians have been using euphemisms to sell bad ideas for years. When they can't get a new government program through because everyone knows it will expand government and/or take away freedom and individual choice, they just come up with a good-sounding name. Examples:

    • H.R. 3567 or "The Respect for Marriage Act" repeals the federal Defense of Marriage Act, states have the right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
    • The "Employee Free Choice Act" (H.R. 800) replaces the existing secret ballot elections for union membership with a system in which workers must publicly sign union cards; in effect, no free choice.

    etc. etc.

    Read more here.

    Comments >>

    Fred Upton's Smear Campaign

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Mon Aug 13, 2012 at 01:32:47 AM EST
    Tags: Fred Upton, Jack Hoogendyk, 6th district (all tags)

    This article reviews the 2012 Republican primary in the 6th Congressional district between Fred Upton and Jack Hoogendyk.


    Fred Upton is an heir of the Whirlpool fortune, with a net worth somewhere around $16 million. He attended University of Michigan and received a degree in journalism.  He then became a staffer for Republican Congressman David Stockman, who represented the heavily Republican "Hillsdale to Holland" 4th district.  In 1981, President Reagan appointed Stockman director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Upton followed him to Washington.  Following a falling-out with Reagan, Stockman left OMB in 1985 on bad terms, while Upton stayed as a staffer.  Upton describes himself as a "Reagan Republican" based on this time in Washington.

    Stockman was succeeded in Congress by staunch conservative Mark Siljander.  In 1986, Upton ran in the primary against Siljander.  Upton received campaign assistance from ultra-liberal democrat Congressman Howard Wolpe of the neighboring 3rd district.  President Reagan endorsed Siljander, but Upton nonetheless won the primary 55-45 by distorting a mailing from Siljander to Christians in the district.

    In 1992, redistricting carved up Wolpe's district, leaving Upton to represent the now-6th district, which has largely held its present form of Kalamazoo, St. Jospeh, Cass, Berrien, Van Buren, and part of Allegan Counties since then.  Following the 1994 election, Upton co-founded the Republican Main Street Partnership, a group of Republicans in Congress dedicated to moving the party to the left.

    (3 comments, 2542 words in story) Full Story

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Percentagewise, A Significant Improvement Over 2010

    By Kevin Rex Heine, Section News
    Posted on Thu Aug 09, 2012 at 04:54:19 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan's 11th Congressional District, Kerry Bentivolio, Michigan's 6th Congressional District, Jack Hoogendyk, Michigan's 74th House District, Rob VerHeulen, Michigan's 104th House District, Jason Gillman, Plainfield Township Supervisor, Jay Spencer, Plainfield Township Clerk, Scott Harvey, Plainfield Township Treasurer, Bill Brinkman, Plainfield Township Board of Trustees, David Grant, Dale Pomeroy, Jon Rathbun, iCaucus of Michigan, 6 for 8 in the 2012 Michigan Republican Primaries, Michigan's 3rd Congressional District, Justin Amash, Michigan's 76th House District, MIGOP September 2012 State Convention, MI-CD-11 Special Primary Election (all tags)

    The iCaucus of Michigan was involved in eight races in Tuesday's Republican primary:  The 6th Congressional District (Jack Hoogendyk endorsed over incumbent Fred Upton), the 11th Congressional District (Kerry Bentivolio endorsed over write-in candidate Nancy Cassis), the 74th House District (Rob VerHeulen endorsed over Steve Maas), the 104th House District (Jason Gillman recommended over incumbent Wayne Schmidt), and all four races in Plainfield Township, Kent County.

    As a percentage of the involvement, the results were rather impressive.

    (5 comments, 1119 words in story) Full Story

    Crunch Time For Hoogendyk

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jul 30, 2012 at 11:48:26 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, CD6, Fred Upton, Jack Hoogendyk, 10 reasons (all tags)

    Last minute blitzing being  planned for the Hoogendyk campaign, as he faces down one of the least conservative members of the Republican congressional delegation from Michigan.

    Saturday the 4th, be looking out for a motivated team participating in a door to door blitz.  In fact, be a part of that blitz and hang out with a great group of patriots having fun and actually doing something.  Questions? Contact Steve.

    In the meanwhile, its worth taking a look at these:

    Just a start.

    Tapayer Party Mel Valkner sends THIS out today to email boxes:

    "Re-election goes to those who have best served their constituents. That is not the case with Rep. Fred Upton. Like President Obama, he is out of touch.

    Here are ten reasons Fred Upton deserves to lose to Jack Hoogendyk in the Republican Primary August 7th:

    • Article II, Section 10 of the Michigan Constitution says, "No person shall be elected to office as representative in the United States House of Representatives more than three times during any twelve year period. Upton has been elected 13 straight times.
    • Last election he promoted a "Five-Point Jobs Plan" none of which have been implemented.
    • When he came to office the National Debt was $3.5 trillion, now it is nearly $16 trillion despite having a Republican President and Congress 50% of the time.
    • Upton voted for the $1 trillion TARP bailout, much of it going to big banks.
    • Upton voted to outlaw the ordinary incandescent light bulb.
    • Upton voted for "Cash for Clunkers," a wasteful spending bill that disastrously destroyed thousands of good used cars driving up prices by 25%.
    • Upton voted for NAFTA causing the loss of 400,000 high-paying Michigan jobs.
    • Upton voted for the federal education program "No Child Left Behind" destroying local authority of public schools.
    • Upton for the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, an unfunded federal healthcare plan leading to Obamacare.
    • Upton has lied about Jack Hoogendyk - so much for being a "nice guy." At least 10 negative mailers have been sent by Upton about Hoogendyk, none of which are true and full of distortions. Why trust someone who will not tell the truth, simply to win an election?

    Oh sure, he did a little good here and there but, overall, the harm he and his cohorts have inflicted will cost our children and grandchildren trillions of dollars over their lifetimes.

    In spite of all the above, Kalamazoo County Republican leaders including Margaret O'Brien and Tonya Schuitmaker are supporting Upton, contrary to their most vocal supporters that stood behind them in their last election - all for the sake of the "establishment."

    Ultimately you decide who will represent every district in the U.S. Congress. Everyone knows we can't keep going the way we are - so why would vote again for the same incumbents, in this case Fred Upton?

    Isn't it time to vote for the other guy and let him have a try to get us out of this mess?

    No kidding.

    Stay involved people.

    (3 comments) Comments >>

    iCaucus of Michigan and the 2012 Primary Campaign

    By Kevin Rex Heine, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jul 13, 2012 at 08:13:27 PM EST
    Tags: U.S. Senate - class 1 seats, "Dangerously Incompetent" Debbie Stabenow, Michigan Republican 2012 U. S. Senate Primary, Clark Durant (CQQ = 96%), Gary Glenn (CQQ = 97%), Randy Hekman (CQQ = 98%), Pete Hoekstra (CQQ = 84%), grassroots activists, Independence Caucus of Michigan, constitutional principles, Michigan's 3rd Congressional District, Justin Amash, Michigan's 6th Congressional District, Jack Hoogendyk, Michigan's 11th Congressional District, Kerry Bentivolio, Michigan's 5th Congressional District, Jim Slezak, Tom Wassa (all tags)

    Because of the principled approach to vetting and endorsing candidates, the tea party networks in several states (including in Michigan) voluntarily operate in strategic partnership with the Independence Caucus organization in their state.  It's a group of concerned citizens devoted to electing candidates truly committed to constitutional loyalty and fiscal responsibility, regardless of party, whose goal is the election of such candidates to not less than 40% of the available seats in the several state legislatures and both chambers of Congress . . . in each election year.  The iCaucus concerns itself with candidate screening, endorsement, and advocacy, with a specific focus on constitutional loyalty and grassroots activism, and on integrity over money, which makes it a unique organization in contemporary politics.

    (20 comments, 568 words in story) Full Story

    Hoogendyk Upton Debate Number 2 Today

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Jul 03, 2012 at 08:21:57 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Conservative, Jack Hoogendyk, Debate, Fred Upton, WKZO (all tags)

    Jack Hoogendyk has a second debate against Fred Upton that begins 3:00 PM and runs until 4:00 PM.

    You can hear it on WKZO, 590 AM or 96.5 FM. You can also go online to www.wkzo.com to listen. All questions will come from the listeners - YOU.

    True conservatives can be a part of this. Think of some good questions for Jack or Fred. Then call them in to WKZO so that they have an opportunity to answer them. An open question format like this means that you will drive the tone of the debate. Get your questions answered - call them in today.

    Hoogendyk-Upton Debate #2 Info
    Time: 3:00-4:00 PM
    Stations: WKZO, AM 590 and FM 96.5
    Online: www.wkzo.com

    (3 comments) Comments >>

    Michigan Right to Life Endorses Fred Upton

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 07:11:24 PM EST
    Tags: Fred Upton, Jack Hoogendyk, Michigan Right to Life (all tags)

    For the first of the 14 times that Fred Upton has run for Congress, he has been endorsed by Michigan Right to Life.  Just two years ago, in 2010, MRTL endorsed former state rep. Jack Hoogendyk.  They also endorsed Dale Shugars over Upton in 2002.

    Upton has claimed to be pro-life in the past, but has not filled out their survey.  So why didn't MRTL endorse Upton before?  Well, there are these votes, whose descriptions come from the American Conservative Union.

    (4 comments, 1033 words in story) Full Story

    Upton/Hoogendyk Debate

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jun 11, 2012 at 12:26:15 AM EST
    Tags: Jack Hoogendyk, Fred Upton, 6th district (all tags)

    Jack Hoogendyk and Fred Upton met in their first debate (of two campaigns) tonight at Schneider Hall at Western Michigan University.  The debate lasted for one hour.  The format, in between opening and closing statements, was question/90 second answer/90 second response/60 second response.

    Congressman Fred Upton and Jack Hoogendyk debate, with live video
    Fred Upton and Jack Hoogendyk spar over voting records during first debate

    Both candidates performed well, with no major mistakes on either side.  Jack aggressively challenged Fred Upton's voting record.  Fred mostly ignored these challenges, and only once (question 6) challenged Jack's record.  Upton significantly distorted electoral history in question 11.

    A summary follows, along with my commentary in brackets.

    (1588 words in story) Full Story

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