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    Tag: Regulations

    Snyder Administration Still Screwing Over Farmers

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Oct 13, 2013 at 04:28:43 PM EST
    Tags: Feral Administration, Rick SNyder, One Term Nerd, Tyranny, Michigan, Invasive Species, Pigs, Swine, Bakers, Small Farms, Hormel, DNR, Regulations, Orders, Paper Pushers (all tags)

    The title says it all.

    You can believe the well produced propaganda piece on Michigan's new-found prosperity, OR you can observe what has been happening to the men and women and families that feed us.  No amount of Rah-Rah for right to work (which I support tremendously) and budgets done on time can take away the rotten stink of tyranny that comes through our state's administrative efforts. As far as the bureaucratic 'rule makers' are concerned, the peasantry is far to pitiful to fear, except for a few trouble makers.

    A few troublemakers, merely following tradition by doing what generations have done to make the country healthy and prosperous. Farmers, who like any other business that must inevitably deal with an onslaught of government intrusion into their affairs, making a mockery of presumed prophylactic and protective measures for the public good. Family Farmers, like other mom and pop business ventures who have had the oxygen sucked out of their existence by expansive government till they fall one by one.

    Veteran Mark Baker of Baker's Green Acres is the equivalent of today's canary-in-the-coal-mine that is Michigan.  Except THIS bird isn't dying to tell you the oxygen has left the premises.

    His words are straight up and easy to understand.

    Snyder inherited this issue from the former governor.  When he was elected by a minority of Republicans, and faced a loonytunes SOB in the general "hired", there was a clear warning that this could hurt Michigan families, yet he ignored it.

    Rick Snyder's office needs daily calls, and to be sure, he needs to be a One Term Nerd.

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    McMillin & JCAR Policing The Bureacracy

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 01:55:03 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Administrative Rulemaking, Bureacracy, Regulations, Red-Tape, Bolger, Tom McMillin, Amanda Price, Douglas Geiss, Harvey Santana, Jim Stamas, John Pappageorge, Arlan Meekhof, Jim Marleau, Tupac Hunter, Bert Johnson (all tags)

    A legislative update by speaker Bolger highlighted some action happening in Lansing to clean up unaccountable pseudo-legislative action.

    Michigan State Representative Tom McMillin, the 2013 chair, joined by State Senators John Pappageorge, (Alternate Chair) Arlan Meekhof, Jim Marleau, Tupac Hunter, Bert Johnson Representatives Jim Stamas, Amanda Price, Harvey Santana, & Douglas Geiss make up the JCAR (Joint Committee on Administrative Rules).  Bolger reports in his email blast:

    "The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) has been especially active this session, monitoring, questioning, and confronting red tape that goes beyond what is written into law. More than 1,000 administrative rules have already been reviewed, leading to several JCAR actions that have produced concrete results. These actions include the rescission of a proposed sales tax rule that exceeded statutory authority and elimination of a Department of Education policy prohibiting 16- and 17 year-old students from being lifeguards. The MDE policy was not derived from any particular official rule or statutory authority - it was simply a policy created by bureaucrats. We are taking a more proactive approach to using JCAR this session as a means of reviewing and investigating administrative rules that are often just getting in the way of Michiganders living their lives."
    Far freaking out.

    We should be hoping for a complete report soon?

    As this is a great way to assure that our Michigan legislative action is properly implemented, it might also be a great lesson we can pass along to the representatives we send to DC.  Seriously, its a good time to pass along a great idea.

    Imagine the effect of eliminating non-legislated 'law' coming out of Washington.

    Comments >>

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Fighting For Our Job Creators

    By Dr Dan, Section News
    Posted on Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 04:47:32 PM EST
    Tags: County Road 595, Benishek, Dr Dan, Regulations, Gary McDowell, MI-01, US Congress, Mining (all tags)

    Northern Michigan has the people, natural resources and know-how to have a robust economy. Unfortunately, big government policies and Washington bureaucrats are preventing Northern Michigan from fully realizing its potential.

    The regulations coming out of the Obama Administration in Washington, supported by career politician Gary McDowell, are hindering business, crippling job creation and hurting Michigan families.  Our region is being swallowed by Washington's bureaucratic red tape, which ignores the economic implications of their outlandish rules.  

    ~ Continued below the fold ~

    (459 words in story) Full Story

    State Cracks Down On Small Farmers

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Apr 05, 2012 at 09:47:46 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Invasive Species, Pigs, Swine, Bakers, Small Farms, Hormel, DNR, Regulations, Orders, Paper Pushers (all tags)

    Michigan's executive branch has officially designated a number of small farmers around the state as felons.

    This is NOT an April fools joke.

    On Sunday, April 1, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources began active enforcement of an Invasive Species Order declaring certain types of swine illegal in Michigan.  Storm troopers under order of the DNR began a "pig sweep" to root out those with particular characteristics. As part of that effort on Tuesday, April 3 the department's Law Enforcement Division conducted inspections of six properties that in the past may have had prohibited swine. The inspections were conducted with permission of the landowners. Each of the properties was found to be free of prohibited swine and therefore in compliance with the Invasive Species Order.

    Those facilities, farms or individuals still in possession of prohibited swine are in violation of the law and could face criminal or civil penalties under Part 413 of the state's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.  For harboring fugitive pigs. Randy Stokes, the DNR director says:

    "Our intent from the beginning of this Invasive Species Order has been to enforce the law while minimizing the impact on individuals and livelihoods. For that reason, we provided additional time and assistance for ranch owners, breeders and others to remove prohibited animals from their properties prior to the April 1 enforcement deadline. The additional time allowed property owners to adjust their business plans to minimize economic hardship. We will continue to work cooperatively with property owners where we can."
    While we perform discovery on their resources for penalty phase purposes.


    The Jackboots are on. Continue below.

    (16 comments, 1200 words in story) Full Story

    No Michigan Health Care Exchange Thank you.

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 10:11:26 AM EST
    Tags: Insurance, Michigan, Health Care, Exchanges, Obamacare, Nursing, Government, Abigail Nobel, SB693, Regulations, Rights, Wrecking The System (all tags)

    Especially if it gives ANY leverage to Obamacare.

    "Obamacare," or whatever the current name is for the redistributive healthcare plan, is unraveling daily.  Between the "unforeseen" costs, and technical problems with implementing it, the biggest government grab of power in the history of the country is showing itself to be what we have called it all along. A worthless, dangerous, legislative Cluster-Foxtrot.

    Michigan has had the opportunity to say no to the legislation under the tenth amendment, yet has not yet done so. Our previous Attorney General Mike Cox joined with 26 other states in a lawsuit against Obamacare, and the current AG has continued that course. And as the case makes its way into the Supreme Court of the United States, we are still working against ourselves by accepting the federal bribes and creating the framework for the Obamacare implementation.

    But it still must pass through our legislature.

    Yesterday, there was an opportunity for testimony on the Michigan Healthcare exchange. The Honorable Chairwoman Gail Haines was gracious enough to extend the public meeting time so that citizens could have their voices heard. One of those voices, Abigail Nobel, spoke regarding Senate Bill 693.

    Below the line for her sage words.

    (11 comments, 986 words in story) Full Story

    Dems Resurrect Trial Lawyer Enhancement Act to Pay-Off Ambulance Chasers

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Oct 11, 2011 at 03:05:32 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Democrats, Ambulance Chasers, Drugs, Liability, FDA, Regulations, HB4440, HB4650 (all tags)

    Here we go again.

    Democrat Representatives Lisa Brown and Jim Ananich have each sponsored (with 27 Democratic co-sponsors) a portion and re-introduced the Michigan Trial Lawyer Enhancement Act (House Bills 4440 and 4650).

    Every legislative cycle about this time Michigan Democrats attempt to take advantage of a largely hibernating voting public, sponsoring and passing legislation designed to pay off debts to big-time campaign donors and special interest friends.

    It's the oldest trick in the book.  You campaign as a populist, you tell the people its all about them and then as soon as they aren't looking you start funneling as many perks, favors and giant paydays as possible to your cronies, no matter how many Michigan jobs it'll kill.

    We've talked about this issue before.  We sounded the alert when the Dems tried to do their trial lawyer pals a solid in 2007.  We sounded it again when they took another stab later that year.  They tried it again in 2008 and we were there again in 2009.  ( I Should note on this last, a technical  ahem .. 'complication' truncated some great discussion ... sigh.)

    ~ Continued below the fold ~

    (611 words in story) Full Story

    Crush Your Competition

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Jun 28, 2011 at 11:27:28 PM EST
    Tags: Rent Seeking, Michigan, Towing Companies, Rules, Regulations, SB287, Business Wreckers, Crushed Dreams (all tags)

    With the wrecker of government involvement.

    The rent seekers are back.  Those folks who cannot compete properly in free markets take advantage of ignorant lawmakers who want to simply provide a "safer environment," yet do not look forward far enough to see the effect of their actions on hundreds of small businesses.

    In this case, it is the towing industry.  Undoubtedly, the high cost of fuel, insurance, and the reduced traffic and safer cars situation has taken a toll on tow operators in our great state.  Particularly the larger less efficient operators with greater overhead to worry about.  So much so, that they have sought and are receiving the assistance of legislators in requiring greater licensing by the removal of certain exemptions with MI-SB287.

    Jeez.  When the vote names come out on this, it ain't going to be pretty. Sorry to see this happening again to Michigan's small tow truck operators.

    I was there once

    (more below)

    (8 comments, 355 words in story) Full Story

    Run Over By Democrats!

    By BruceB, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jul 23, 2009 at 06:21:41 PM EST
    Tags: Taxes, Schauer, Obama, Grandholm, unemployment, poverty, regulations (all tags)

    I received a mailing recently from 7th District Congressman Mark Schauer, "prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense."  It illustrates a semi-tractor with the US Capital Building being towed behind it.  The Semi with Capital Building attached is just a rollin' down the highway bearing down on Michigan taxpayers and businesses, "get out of the way, we are out of control!" is the subliminal message of the picture.    
    President Obama is driving the truck, Congressman Schauer is seated next to him in the middle and Governor Grandholm is seated at the right hand window.  All three are bringing higher taxes, more regulation and added costs to Michigan taxpayers and businesses that will in turn drive more businesses out of business here in Michigan.  
    The sad fact is that "Business Out Of Business" seems to be their goal.  These three have been told over and over again that higher taxes and more regulation drives business out of business and yet these three keep piling on higher taxes and more regulation and businesses keep leaving the state.  What are they thinking?  
    These three just don't get it.  When business goes out of business people lose their jobs.  When people lose their jobs they can easily fall into a life of poverty and dependence.  Wait a minute, maybe that is what these Democrats want, more people out of work and dependent on government.  
    Yes, that's it!  The more people out of work the more people are dependent on government.  
    These Democrats actually want more and more people dependent on government, the Democrat kind of government, BIG Government, Democrat Government.  You see Democrat Government is government of Democrats, by Democrats and for Democrats!  
    This is the Obama, Grandholm, Schauer kind of government!  
    Democrat government works for Democrats but not for the people of Michigan or America!

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