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    Tag: islam

    No. I don't Think So

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jun 07, 2013 at 09:47:00 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Islam, Sharia, Madrasas, Schools, Taxpayers, Duplicity, Little Ramallah, Hypocrisy, Cowardice (all tags)

    OK Progtards, put your anti religion unit on high alert.


    While advocating for a Godless school system, progressives have conveniently ignored the hypocritical actions of extremist Muslims in our midst, which if allowed would turn some Michigan schools into full blown publicly funded Madrasas. According to BizPac Review, after objecting to Off-school CHRISTIAN activities, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has succeeded in persuading Dearborn school officials to accommodate the floor kissing practice of Islamic prayer in our tax payer funded schools:

    "CAIR lodged its complaint against the Dearborn School District, claiming that the school system didn't accommodate Muslim students wishing to participate in prayer on school grounds.

    After CAIR staff met with Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Brian Whiston, the district "implemented a policy which fully accommodates student-led prayer in all the schools," according to the Arab-American News."

    Nothing like 'consistency' in public policy.

    As seen further in the story:

    The very same Michigan chapter of CAIR sent a letter to the Roseville Public School system complaining that permission slips were being handed out so that students could attend Bible classes, according to a CAIR press release.

    The classes were not held on school property, but rather at a local Baptist church. In addition. the school didn't provide transportation to or from the Bible classes, and attendance didn't excuse the students from keeping up with their regular school work.

    I am sure that the governor or AG would have something to say about THAT.


    oh crap

    (5 comments) Comments >>

    Fridays Divertere: Halal or just Workplace Violence

    By Corinthian Scales, Section Multimedia
    Posted on Fri May 17, 2013 at 09:37:05 AM EST
    Tags: islam, Syrian rebels, Jihad, Boston, Dearborn, Just Names Of Cities, Nothing to see Here (all tags)

    This is islam.

    H/t DS

    Comments >>

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    Miller Responds To Islamic Bomb Attempt

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Oct 18, 2012 at 11:55:12 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Congressman, Candice Miller, Islam, Terrorist, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, Surpise (all tags)

    Emissaries of the religion of peace continue their proselytizing.

    U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, today made the following statement on the arrest of Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis after he plotted to bomb the Federal Reserve building in New York City:

    "The arrest of this terrorist who attempted to detonate a bomb outside of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City is further proof that our nation continues to be at risk of attack by radical Islamic extremists.  I commend the FBI for their diligence in identifying this terrorist and for their work in stopping his plans.  While some have criticized the tactics used by the FBI in this and other cases one fact is clear, these tactics work in stopping potential terrorist acts and have saved countless American lives.  

    The fact that this man entered our nation on a student visa, although it is becoming clear his only intention in coming to this country was to inflict harm, is a sharp reminder that terrorists will use any and all avenues to enter our country with the intention of committing acts of terror.  That is why I have worked as Chairman of the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee to highlight the need to strengthen visa security by enhancing the vetting process overseas and increasing coordination among law enforcement agencies inside the United States to identify and track down these individuals who wish to commit terrorist acts against our nation.  We will continue to face the threat of radical Islamic terrorists whose only goal is to kill our fellow Americans, and this incident is a further reminder that we must remain vigilant in defending our nation against these threats."


    Support GOOD law like SB1070, crack down on overstays, and close the terrorist camps within our borders as well.

    And is "only 5-7%" radical a safe percentage?

    (3 comments) Comments >>

    So Moderate Islam Is NOT Compatible

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat Sep 29, 2012 at 03:20:57 PM EST
    Tags: Dearborn, Muslims, Islam, Intolerance, 1st Amendment, Free Speech, Extremism (all tags)

    With a constitutional Republic?

    What is it? Yea or nay? Yes or No?  Is the average 'moderate' Muslim a danger to our constitutional Republic?  Is there an underlying desire to dismantle our bill of rights because of hurt religious feelings?  Given this:

    "Protesting the film, "Innocence of Muslims," that has sparked protests in the Mideast, rally organizer Tarek Baydoun says that so-called blasphemy laws are necessary to prevent speech that hurts the "the religious feelings of Muslims."
    One might think so.

    Lets just take this a step further.

    If these are NOT representing the 'moderate' Islamists in our midst, then what are they representing?

    Its not as if one would feel compelled to walk away from such examples of tolerance.

    Payne has more here: http://apps.detnews.com/apps/blogs/watercooler/index.php?blogid=5561&source=nletter-miview#ixzz2 7sIzOJKL

    (1 comment) Comments >>

    Memo to CAIR: Thou Doth Protest Too Much

    By DetroitRight, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 06:21:57 PM EST
    Tags: 9-11, Arabs, Baptists, Bible, Bible prophecy, Bush, Christian, Christianity, Church, Conservatism, conservative, Doctrine, Family, Foreign Policy, Freedom, Government, history, Iran, Iraq, Islam, Israel, Jews, Media, Military, Muslim, Neoconservative, News, Obama, Opinion, politics, Religion, Republicans, Stupidity, terrorism, terrorists, video, war on terrorism, World News, World Politics, WTF? (all tags)

    Now this is unbelievable. A couple of Marines decided to treat a few dead Taliban terrorists to a good old fashioned "golden shower."

    (5 comments, 508 words in story) Full Story

    Not So Fast With The PC Jack! Err.. Uhmm Henry.

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Dec 14, 2011 at 01:42:31 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Dearborn, Islam, Political correctness, Man Made Disasters, 7 Percent, Lowes, Religious, Crazy, Oh Henry (all tags)

    Most would consider Henry Payne at the Michigan View as a pretty good guy.  I would say he could even be considered "conservative" and most of his positions would justify that.  Most often we could agree in fact with what his opinion of the day might be.

    But sometimes he is wrong.  Straight out, absolutely mistaken.

    Today Payne opines:

    " ... Not to be outdone, the Right's religious crazies decided to attack The Learning Channel and its advertisers for airing a positive show about five American Muslim families in Dearborn.

    We're not making this up. "

    No, not making it up, but so what?  And frankly what makes them crazy?  Because they are religious? Or because they perceive a threat from Islam; "the Religion of Peace?"  I would really be interested in what it is about those Christian crazies that threatens Mr Payne.  Certainly not that they will blow up a plane that he is on with shoe based incendiaries, or crotch explosives.  Undoubtedly not a collision with a Tower at an unfortunate time.  Probably not a soldier opening fire on his brothers and screaming "Jesus Akbar!!"  Perhaps, just maybe, it is those crazy values like free speech and intelligent consideration of real and ongoing threats?  Threats backed up by recurring "man-made disasters?"

    Maybe it stems from the very real fear people have of saying "Merry Christmas" during this time of year?

    Below ~

    (29 comments, 1049 words in story) Full Story

    Why I Left The Apocalypto That Is Dearborn

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jun 17, 2011 at 08:41:25 PM EST
    Tags: Free Speech, Mayor O'Reilly, islam, muslims, Rioting, Violence, sharia law, Mob Rule, Peace Bonds, Judge Mark W. Somers, Kangaroo 19th District Court, muslim Fest, BAMN Welcomed, Dearborn, Wayne Co (all tags)

    UPDATE: Pastor Jones returns, see here, here & here.

    Replay this video until it is understood.

    There's your " R o l e  M o d e l s " GoverNerd.   Asalamalakum?   Fuggin' Dhimmi

    Well, y'all can either stand for something or kneel for something.  The choice is yours.

    (84 words in story) Full Story

    PSA: Understanding The People's Republic of Dearborn

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Wed Apr 27, 2011 at 12:07:35 PM EST
    Tags: Free Speech, Mayor O'Reilly II, Dearborn, Wayne Co, islam, muslims, Rioting, Violence, sharia law, Peace Bonds, Judge Mark W. Somers, Kangaroo 19th District Court (all tags)

    I sincerely hope this bigger picture view goes a long way in clarifying the f-allah-cy of 'peaceful' muslims living in America with how they and their enablers actually cherish our God given freedoms.

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