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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    The Pig Needs Botox

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 10:45:48 AM EST
    Tags: HB4707, Rick Snyder, Lipstick On A Pig, Accountant, Sara Wurfel, Michigan, ACA, Obamacare, Sebelius, Medicaid, Expansion, $100 Project (all tags)

    John Yob may have a problem on his hands.

    As strategic National (Yob's political consulting firm) looks forward to 2014 and an expected continued representation of Rick Snyder's campaign efforts, he will have to overcome one particular obstacle; The governor himself.  Perhaps even the governor's staff and surrogates.  As brilliant as some of those operatives within Strategic National might be, the 'pig' that is the governor's reelection chance might be far too gone for lipstick and a little rouge.  

    Especially given yesterdays grass roots announcement and letter.  The announcement was picked up by all of the state papers, and has gathered attention even nationwide. However, Snyder's mouthpiece Sara Wurfel says:

    "As an (accountant), Gov. Snyder knows there's a strong case that this Medicaid component is the financially responsible and smart thing to do while also being the right thing to do, both short- and long-term for Michiganders and our state's economy and health status,"
    As an accountant?

    Think along the lines of the Congressional Budget Office(CBO).  IF, given all the input it was supposed to have had before offering an opinion to congress on the ACA in the first place, it might not have offered such a rosy picture of the plan's finances to that congress.  Adding the 'unforeseen' costs (we saw them and said so - but ..) that have made it already unworkable, we can do little but laugh at his 'accounting' skills. There are always costs which are held off the books till it is too late to do anything about the overall plan.  One of the conservative activists Jeri Leroi who is on the list in opposition, makes a valid point today in one of her email broadcasts:

    "Keep in mind, in the past the federal government has robbed the Medicare budget to pay for the increase in medicaid.   Medicare recipients have paid into the medicare program for over 40 year before receiving any benefits at all.  We pay a co pay and extra premiums for hospital care which are also scheduled to go up under Obamacare.  The Medicaid recipients have not paid into this program, whole families have stayed on it for life.
    She has a point.

    She also influences many within our community.

    And HERE is where some accounting background might help the governor's team understand the predicament at hand. ~ Below the fold.

    The signatories to the letter are dead serious about this 'line in the sand".

    Legislators beware as well, because any capitulation perceived by activists will be met with a great big "you aren't needed any longer" attitude.  Neither campaign contributions, supportive efforts, or "relentless positive actions" will come your way. The "fool me once .." scenario has been activated.

    Strategic National has led some major efforts in the last election cycle, and has been largely influential as the result of a strong coalition of the very same people which are signatories of the conservative letter.  Major changes within the party, and a near replacement (a percentage point away) of the MIGOP chair Bobby Shostak was as a result of the actions of these activists. (StratNat was not behind THAT effort ISFAIK)

    Since yesterday, MORE names have been added to the list as other leaders realized it was a great opportunity to send a message to the legislature which has just passed the HB4707 expansion of medicaid, further complicating what has been a long painful path to serfdom in our time.

    The added names put an exclamation mark on the point being made that Republican legislators had best step back and look in from the outside at how they are violating their commitment to not only the GOP platform, but their oath to the constitution.  And as much as some folks might like to call the views of the 'Tea' types who are taking this stand "extreme", they still should know that this is quite serious.

    Principle without action no more.

    Aside from a very different Republican candidate surfacing within the the primary cycle, it seems there will be a very good chance that Wurfel's "accountant", Rick Snyder, will see to the end of a Republican tenure in the capitol.

    < The Line Was Crossed | Bogaert: - Know Whats In It >

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    Ya, Wurfel... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 01:08:35 PM EST
    Memories today seem so damn short.  Maybe it's because of the overwhelming amount of Bee-esS emanating out from our bifarceisan elected class.

    Remember, Snyder is a CPA with a law degree and that really points to why he has his husband and wife (Sara's an AARP interloper and Rick doesn't oppose Obamacare, why?) Wurfel PR duo working from the governors office to silence conservative voices within the Party.


    The part that drips in irony for me, is that all those who pooh-poohed picking up that ActBlue spear 'cause it was a "lefty recall" are today fighting Snydholm holding that same spear and shoving it up your ass now.

    I am the accountant (none / 0) (#2)
    by grannynanny on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 07:14:52 PM EST
    at the small business I work for.  I see the handwriting on the wall on or about the 10th of each month.  With each month I process I also see how our year to date is looking.  It gives you a bigger picture of which way your business is looking.  You plan your future based on the MTD and YTD numbers.  What I do is what our local, state and federal government should do - but they don't.  They look at ways to raise their revenues via taxes that won't be collected, via every imaginable way possible.  Whereas, business looks for ways to sell itself to the public so the public will buy that product or service.  Government does not work that way.  It threatens with reduction of services while pissing away taxpayer funds on administration not needed, negotiating with unions for top dollar wages and benefits for under productive workers and retirement plans that are no longer affordable for taxpayers.  And the size and scope of the government does not allow, we the people, to see the deficits until it is to late.  

    Snyder is not an accountant or CPA or he would see the handwriting on the wall.  I voted for him because the alternative was worse.  I don't think there is an honest person left on this earth that can do anything for this state or the federal govt.  They are all fuc#$g crooks.

    His accounting "ability" ... (none / 0) (#3)
    by KG One on Sun Jun 16, 2013 at 07:27:30 AM EST
    ...leaves to be desired when he misses glaringly obvious things like this, this, this, and oh yeah,  this.

    I'm glad to see that more people are waking up the the fact that the guv is a nothing more than a Grade A - B.S. artist, using his Mr. Rodgers'-esque voice to successfully bamboozle them into supporting his election and decisions early on in his administration.

    I WOULD however, strongly recommend that any and all talk about primarying him or any of the others who have forgotten whom they serve and what the purportedly stand for be done offline and away from this site.

    I'm not recommending this because I want to see a decrease in idea sharing on how to fix this problem.

    Far from it.

    But it is a safe bet that his underlings monitor this site and others like it looking for any indications of what is coming their way.

    Don't make their keeping their job any easier.

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